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Galileosky makes a smart analysis of agricultural equipment downtime

29 September, 2020

Galileosky devices monitor the agricultural machinery downtime, which is especially crucial during the sowing and harvesting period. Even extra 20 minutes of delay can cause significant costs.

The telematics project was implemented by Watch It Company in Russia. They created a special accounting system, which records downtimes as an e-diary. Also, the system can be integrated into machines to automatically record facts and reasons for downtime. Structure of downtime reasons is discussed with the customer and may contain multilevel detailing.

The onboard part of the system was created with Galileosky device, Easy Logic technology and Owen operator panel, where a user can display driver commands.  Easy Logic script controls the onboard system and sends information about the downtime reason to SaaS platform. Information about the downtime reason is recorded and sent to SaaS platform.

All received information recorded in the units’ internal memory and sent to Wialon monitoring system via GSM or Wi-Fi. Then, in Wialon, data is available for complex analysis.

Yuri Kravchik, CEO Watch It:

- Easy Logic technology allows to integrate Galileosky devices with peripherals from other manufacturers easily. It speeds up the system installation, so costs for the customer are reduced as well.

The developed system allows to avoid costs from equipment downtime and suites not only for agricultural and production equipment, as well as for construction machinery, transport and stationary objects.



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