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Galileosky integrates ADAS system for safe driving monitoring

4 August, 2017

Galileosky tracking devices support AIDriving C7 ADAS system (Advanced driver-assistance systems), aimed to provide safe driving. Thanks to artificial vision technology and video processing, the system is able to monitor the situation ahead of the car, as well as control the driver's behavior.

AIDriving C7 pack includes two smart videocameras, forward and driver facing, the ADAS device and external loudspeaker.

The system recognizes the vehicles moving ahead, “sees” pedestrians, cyclists and warns the driver in case they are too close. There is also a lane departure warning, so when the vehicle is veering off the current road line without turning on cornering lamp, the system will issue an alert to driver.

At the same time the driver facing infrared camera detects drivers behavior and “understands” driver’s basic face states. When it recognizes abnormal events, which are treated as signs of fatigue, for instance, the driver closes his eyes, is yawning or distracted, on the phone or smoking - AIDriving C7 issues an audio alert. As a result, the system allows avoiding collisions.

By means of connecting smart video cameras to Galileosky GPS tracking devices, the received information can be transmitted to Wialon, including: road line departure and abnormal driver’s actions. In addition, you can send to the server the taken photos with the exact time and coordinates.

Connecting AIDriving C7 to Galileosky device allows you to transfer the data to the fleet dispatcher in order to take timely and effective measures to prevent accidents. Given the high statistics of accidents due to driver's inattention, such ADAS solutions will bring invaluable benefits in the field of transport monitoring, be it freight, passenger or commercial transport.


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