Galileosky devices are integrated with Escort wireless sensors

16 December, 2020

New Galileosky 7x range units are integrated with Escort TD-BLE wireless FLS, Escort DU-BLE tilt angle sensors, and Escort TL-BLE temperature and light sensors. The possibility to integrate high-end monitoring equipment from leading Russian developers allows to create smart telematics projects with wireless data transmission.

Escort Bluetooth sensors performance is fast and reliable. There is no need to run cables through the entire vehicle system. It speeds up the setup process and reduces the risk of deliberate damage. Moreover, Galileosky tracker receives sensors signal at a distance of 100 meters. The feature makes it possible to collect data even from trailer trains, long trucks and other objects.

To configure Bluetooth sensors in Galileosky Configurator program:

1. Search for the nearest devices and select the one you need

2. Set data transfer settings

3. Write parameters into the tag for sending to the server

At the same time, up to 10 sensors for different purposes can be used in the project.

Along with the integration with Bluetooth sensors, Galileosky supports wired Escort peripherals: FLS Escort TD-600, Escort TD-500, Escort TD-150, Escort TD-100, Escort TD-online, as well as tilt angle sensors Escort DU-180, bulk materials level sensors Escort DB-2, ultrasonic proximity sensor Escort DGV-200 and others.

Cargo and passenger transportation, construction, agriculture, public utilities - now it is possible to use our joint solution in these and other industries to get business benefits. We emphasize on the fact that Galileosky 7x and TD-BLE support wireless connection. With such equipment, you get the most reliable and cost-effective control, which prevents problems related to wired devices, - comments Alexander Kuzin, Escort head of the export sales department

Galileosky units are integrated successfully with wireless sensors and devices of the Russian manufacturer and the French manufacturer Ela Innovation, whose products are well known in the telematics community all around the world.



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