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Galileosky configurator updates

24 March, 2021

Update your devices’ firmware to use more Bluetooth sensors in projects, transfer data from any, even the most non-standard Bluetooth peripherals and assess GPS coordinates validity to send stable data to the server.

Galileosky developers added a new 4.22.00 Configurator version and new stable firmware 23.15 for Galileosky 7.0, Base Block and 24.18 for Galileosky 7x devices. In addition, 26.03 release candidate, 28.01 and 30.00 beta versions for 7x range.

Transfer data from any BLE sensors easily

With new 30.00 firmware, you can process and transmit data to the server even from the most non-standard Bluetooth sensors. Moreover, the number of Bluetooth tags has expanded to 64.

Use ready-made Easy Logic algorithms. Go to Easy Logic templates ang choose tags "Peripherals", "Data transfer", "Tracker settings". One algorithm receives BLE data, and the second assigns the appropriate tag for data received and them transfers to the server. Just enter the needed data about sensor into the necessary blocks, load the algorithm into the unit, and it will transfer information from BLE sensor to the monitoring server. You can combine these two algorithms by yourself or use them separately. It all depends on the project challenges.

Now integrators have a wider choice of BLE peripherals when implementing a project. Galileosky flexible approach allows to integrate sensors with completely different characteristics and user qualities.

Moreover, the new function release doesn’t mean that you can’t use BLE tags anymore. You can still use them in your projects. It is not necessary to transmit data from the sensor, it is enough just to check the signal level. This option is highly convenient, for example, to control garbage trucks performance, which visit many spots during along the route. Receive BLE tag signal and take photo of the container to make sure that garbage truck driver did his best to remove trash completely.

Avoid jumps and gaps in GPS tracks

You now can check if GPS coordinates are valid via Easy Logic script, which you can find in Easy Logic templates using Tracker settings, Data Transfer, Geofences tags. This will help to avoid coordinates "jumps" in particular areas when the GPS signal is blocked, as well as in tunnels or in remote areas. The new feature is available with 30.00 firmware for Galileosky 7x range.

Easy Logic algorithm determines how real are current coordinates and cuts off those that are definitely an error. Right after you are back in stable signal area, the device understands that the coordinates are up-to-date, accurate and ready to be sent to the server. Thus, you can get rid of differences in mileage data from satellites and odometer.

In addition to Bluetooth data receiving and coordinates validation control, 30.00 firmware has an improved archive into a file uploading and linear geofences operation.

For 7x, 7.0 and Base Block devices, the developers have improved:

  • Scaling the algorithm window in the script editing mode.
  • Displays the "Configurator update" button.
  • Displays the ability to select an external GNSS source.
  • Unloading the archive into a file.
  • Sending the archive file to the server.
  • Saving configuration for Galileosky 7.0 Lite units

In addition to these changes, firmware 28.01, 26.03, 24.18, 23.15 include:

  • Corrected GNSS module input buffer overflow error.
  • The sending of the PDOP parameter in the EGTS protocol has been improved.
  • Improved unloading of archive to file.
  • Improved work of linear geofences.

The new functionality will become available after updating the firmware on the Device tab and installing a new version of the Configurator.



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