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Galileosky Configurator: new June features

10 July, 2018

To enhance the capabilities of Galileosky tracking devices developers upgraded the firmware for Galileosky 7 and Galileosky Base Block product ranges.

Last month 19.0 beta-firmware and 18.8 stable firmware were added. Thanks to that there are new functional opportunities and features in the last Configurator version 4.16.15:

  • Processing CAN data in the “Filter” tab;
  • Support for ExFAT and MicroSD cards higher than 32 GB capacity;
  • Rotation of SIM-cards by the timeout with adhering to different servers;
  • Opportunity to exclude undesirable GSM network, supported by the SIM-card;
  • New “Integration” filter, designed for calculating a parameter’s values integral for a certain period, which results in receiving more accurate data from external sensors, connected to Galileosky tracking device;
  • Editing the list of trusted keys on the MicroSD card using the AddKey and DelKey commands.

Moreover, the following features and processes were upgraded:

  • Synchronization of data, stored on SD card, with WebDAV server;
  • Parsing parameters on the Easy Logic tab;
  • SIM-cards switching by the specified operator codes.

Firmware upgrade via USB as well as remote upgrade are possible. Download the latest version of Configurator here. Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of devices to the maximum.


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