FMB641 tracker: updated and improved FMB640 version

12 November, 2021

Teltonika Telematics is introducing the FMB641 model, PROFESSIONAL category vehicle GPS tracker with 2G network coverage. At its core, it is an updated and improved FMB640 version.

All the features and communication standards that are supported by FMB640 are also supported by FMB641, but it has the following key improvements to serve your business needs:

  • The FMB641 has a new processor that increases the computing power of the tracker, allowing it to be tailored to more specific applications and a greater variety of use cases.
  • Now it has switchable CAN terminators, allowing the model to be used in a CAN Bus network with multiple nodes.
  • The updated model can be powered via a USB plug-and-play interface for an easier and faster configuration process.
  • A wider 8-32 V DC range of input voltage with overvoltage protection, instead of 10-30 V DC.
  • Overvoltage protection is compatible with Pulse 5a and 5b standards.

The improved model is perfectly suitable for a broad spectrum of professional and the most demanding applications, such as international and domestic logistics utilising digital tachographs, refrigerated transport and reefers, agriculture, construction and mining, utility, security and emergency services and others.



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