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FMB209: New Teltonika GPS Tracker for India Market

14 January, 2022

Teltonika introduces an improved AIS140-compliant FMB209 tracker with the enhanced firmware features and a new generation module, which supports IRNSS for the India market.

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has set an Automotive Industry Standart AIS 140 to increase the safety of passengers and ensure the efficiency of the transport system. The vehicles on the road are increasing daily and therefore there is a need for government guidelines that specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kinds of public transport systems. The most reliable use and strict compliance of AIS 140 standard guidelines can help ease the congestion on the roads, improve traffic management and reduce the environmental impact.

As a result, FMB209 is meeting all the requirements of GAGAN support. It has 3 servers functionality even though 2 are required. FMB209 model has an internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope, embedded SIM, tamper-proof casing and it can be managed via a powerful FOTA WEB tool to configure and update its firmware remotely. Moreover, Teltonika Telematics has added several additional features to bring more value to GPS telematics service providers:

  • 3rd server support for TSP service;
  • BLE sensors and beacons – expands business opportunities dramatically with new Teltonika EYE accessories;
  • Security features: jamming detection, unplug and towing detection;
  • Crash features – crash event and reconstruction of the crash.

The FMB209 is, therefore, an excellent choice that not only meets compliance requirements but also adds value to the Indian market. The GPS device can be delivered and ready to go, which means that the device is already loaded with eSIM and registered in the authorised system. Teltonika India team is ready to provide all necessary information about this device and bring all the benefits of the FMB209 device to your business.

What is more, even more eSIM service providers are available! More than one well-known name, such as Taisys, Intalia, Idemia are already on our partner list.

Finally, it does not matter from which industry you are or what kind of vehicles you have. From state and government-owned buses, ambulances and all emergency response vehicles to all educational institutions vehicles, rental cars or any other vehicle – FMB209 could be perfectly used in your fleet.



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