New wireless axle load sensor Eurosens DDS BT by Mechatronics

30 January, 2023

The axle load sensors Eurosens DDS, based on the suspension deflection measurement principle, are now available in the wireless version Eurosens DDS BT. 

This sensor does not require any electrical wiring, and is powered by the ER14505 battery. Low power consumption ensures that the sensor operates for up to 5 years without battery replacement. Installation is possible on almost any commercial vehicle with leaf spring suspension.


Wireless sensors eurosens DDS BT work with popular GPS trackers: Teltonika, Smart and Signal (Navtelecom), Galileosky and many others. One GPS tracker supports several sensors simultaneously. If the GPS tracker does not have a Bluetooth interface, you can connect to the sensor using Mechatronics BT-COM receiver.



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