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Ensuring Safe Driving in China with AI

5 September, 2019

According to an abundance of research, Streamax draws the conclusion that a very large proportion of traffic accidents are not the result of high speeds but tiredness or inattention on the road. Therefore, Streamax has launched a comprehensive suite of AI solutions to lower traffic accident rate and ensure safety on the road. 

However, the application of AI solutions such as the ADKit was not met with popularity from the beginning. Drivers said that the installation of ADKit was an invasion of privacy. After a trial period, it was particularly noticeable that injuries and fatalities of traffic accidents had been reduced to a historical low directly due to the usage of AI solutions. Gradually, drivers changed their attitude from negative to positive thanks to the practicality and functionality of AI solutions.

As is commonly known, blind spots are a frequent challenge which large vehicles, like dump trucks, face. Since lots of traffic tragedies are caused by blind spots, Streamax invests heavily in producing powerful products to handle this challenge. In fact, the Streamax ADKit is capable of differentiating between road users (like pedestrians and cyclists) and objects, protecting both drivers and vulnerable road users alike. 

The Streamax ADKit employs the technology of image analysis to help drivers differentiate different road users, such as bicyclists, the elderly, children and even deliverymen. There will be a dual response when pedestrians get too close to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, a corresponding icon appears and sounds a warning for the driver to alert him of a possible pedestrian collision. Outside the vehicle, a high-pitched warning will also be given to pedestrians to remind them to keep a safe distance. With this two-pronged approach, we are able to minimize the possibility of pedestrian collision and ensure safety on the road.


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