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Easy-to-Install GPS Trackers

25 March, 2020

Quarantine measures, travel bans, lockdowns of the whole countries – the world is going through unprecedented situations in recent weeks due to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19. Its economic effect is equally overwhelming. While many businesses experience disruptions, some of them, like e-commerce and delivery service, deal with extraordinary booms in operations.

Following a surge in online shopping, it is essential to keep up with increased volumes and deliver goods effectively. Technology can help in this as GPS trackers will allow the companies to maintain control over the spikes in demand and optimize their processes. Teltonika has a range of solutions that will meet the current business needs.

To manage fleet effectively, tracking vehicles is a must. It will help to determine the best routes, minimize delays and keep deliveries on schedule. All this can be done by assessing the data provided by GPS trackers. In case there are unexpected obstacles on the road, decisions can be made fast to adjust the routes and avoid the obstructed sections.

Besides the tracking function that is available in all Teltonika devices, simple integration is also very important. Especially, when companies are pressed for time and need to increase their effectiveness as soon as possible. Plug and Play tracker FMB001 will ensure that installation is fast, while FMT100 can be installed in just a few minutes thanks to mounting directly on a car’s battery.

Talking about an easy installation, even more devices are on their way including Teltonika’s the smallest OBD trackers FMB002/FMB003 and FMP100 that will be connected to a cigarette lighter port.

In addition to delivering fast, goods need to be in a proper condition when they reach the customers. Bluetooth sensors will measure humidity and temperature to make sure they do not drop below or rise above the set values. The functionality of Bluetooth sensors is supported by both FMB001 and FMT100 trackers.



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