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Do you still think reading data from CAN bus is difficult?

31 October, 2018

Galileosky presents the new development – a powerful tool for reading CAN data, which simplifies searching the necessary identifiers. The opportunity is available in the new “Configurator” version: a new tab CAN Scanner will appear when updating the program.

With the unique CAN Scanner you can quickly and easily read any data transmitted via CAN bus of any type of vehicles.

Earlier system integrators had to use various devices and spend hours searching the necessary identifiers – now all the changing parameters are visible online.

For example, you can find the rotational speed of each wheel and identify which of them is stalled or lowered. Or, sitting in the car, press the gas pedal and see how the engine RPM is changing online in the “Configurator”.

You can manage data received via CAN Scanner using the Easy Logic technology. For example, if the engine revs are maintained at 3000 revolutions for longer than 5 seconds, the driver hears the warning “Shift gear”. Or, say, the truck driver doesn’t know that the back door is open, because the light indication is broken. In this case, the tracking device will fix information about the open door and notify about it.

Innovative CAN Scanner will be available for Galileosky 7 and Galileosky Base Block tracking devices.


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