BCE FMS500 series has been expanded

5 June, 2018

Baltic Car Equipment, company from Lithuania well known for its hardware reliability and flexibility is introducing new hardware to the Global market.

High gain internal antennas, plenty interfaces and peripherals lets fulfill most complicated solutions for reasonable price. All BCE products has full online configuration, automatic device startup and direct technical support.

Different hardware – different projects

FMS500 One – Simple but powerful device. With the help of internal 3 axis accelerometer and flexible internal logic, crash detection and security of the fleets has become easier. By simply adjusting the accelerometer settings you can track driver behavior, monitor crash and use controllable output for security reasons. 

FMS500 Light– If crash detection and output control is not enough, you can always add Driver identification or RFID to the solution and even connect additional fuel level sensors which works through analog or frequency mode.

FMS500 Light+ - By adding to the hardware RS-232, RS-485 and Wiegand 26 support we have achieved low cost device which can be used for the most cases in the market, either you need to connect several digital fuel level sensors, different RFID hardware or even your own device which must be controlled via RS-232/RS-485 by sending specific messages to it. Crash detection, driver behavior, geofencing and other similar features are still possible and you can combine all of them with each other and internal timers which are controlled by the hardware. 

FMS500 StCAN – Adding all features from previous units with 2 CAN-bus lines which can work simultaneously, StCAN device can be used in all types of fleets like trucks, light vehicles, agricultural machinery and other. By helping your clients to track fuel level, fuel consumption, engine RPM, actual speed and other parameters, you can bring added value to your solutions and avoid additional cost for complex accessories and installation.

For even more complex projects BCE is launching several different devices soon and their team will be glad to share more information with you shortly. 

Different hardware – different projects


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