Baltic Car Equipment’s FMS500 Product Line with SDK

21 May, 2019

The FMS500 product line with SDK (Software Development Kit) feature is designed to make GNSS equipment adaptable to customers' needs of rapid solutions, flexibility and innovations.

New products with SDK:

The SDK feature moved Baltic Car Equipment’s products to the highest level, enabling fast device adaptation. BCE FMS500 SDK line – GNSS hardware with the option to write own scripts and control all peripherals including CANbus. Communication via MQTT protocol gives BCE hardware flexibility to implement even very complex systems. Products with SDK feature are marked with a special mark.

New products with SDK:

What value does SDK create?

  • FLEXIBILITY – Option to control peripherals of the hardware 
  • STABILITY – Integration without firmware modification 
  • FAST INTEGRATION – No need to modify software 
  • UNIQUE SOLUTIONS – Your know-how by writing custom scripts 

Main features:

  • Programming tool based on C language embedded to online hardware configuration platform
  • Constantly growing libraries and database of examples
  • Up to 3 independent scripts can be running in 1 device simultaneously

Examples of intelligent Baltic Car Equipment’s SDK solutions:

  • Integration between independent ADAS systems and BCE equipment, gives the partners opportunity to remotely transfer the parameters regarding driver behavior, lain detection, collision avoidance, pedestrian crash avoidance, blind spots and etc.: to the fleet management software. 

    This information can be managed not only by drivers (inside the car), but by the fleet management operators as well.

  • Full integration with BCE SDK script via CAN line with Continental ContiPressureCheck ™ system, enables the controller remotely transfer the Continental parameters to software via BCE trackers.

    From now on, any company using BCE FMS500 StCAN, FMS500 Tacho and FMS500 XtCAN trackers with SDK can connect Continental ContiPressureCheck ™ system and when the sensor inside the tire sends information to the central receiver (CCU), not only a driver (via display in a driver’s cab), but also operators in the office, can receive data such as inflation pressure, tire temperature and warnings. 

If you have any kind of project where hardware is limited to handle it – Baltic Car Equipment will indicate and explain how SDK can help you to speed up your business.


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