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AIS 140 approved GPS tracking devices

18 February, 2020

JIMI IoT has launched a market-leading AIS140 approved GPS tracking device in India. Covering all major cities of India, our AIS140 approved vehicle GPS trackers and powerful app and web platform provide a solution.

What is an AIS 140 approved GPS tracking device?

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of standards introduced by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) designed to build an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) specifically tailored to develop better control over transport infrastructure in India. With the mandate of government applicable from April 2018, every public and commercial vehicle is required to be equipped with:

1. An AIS-140 compliant GPS tracking device with support for an emergency button(s) accessible by the passengers and a driver.

2. A well-advanced GPS tracking software to forward a real-time vehicle's location and other vehicle performance data to competent authorities.

JIMI IoT AIS 140 approved tracking device features:

  • AIS 140 certified GPS tracking Device
  • Emergency button
  • Door status detection
  • Engine/fuel cutoff
  • 20000 data storage
  • IP65 Dust And Waterproof
  • Multiple alerts



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