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1 Million FMB920 Trackers Deployed

21 July, 2020

Running a thriving global business for over 20 years, Teltonika had rather many reasons to celebrate success stories and milestones. But this one is truly special – the 1 millionth GPS tracker FMB920 has been swimmingly manufactured, delivered and deployed.

Since the launch day, its popularity and value were unquestionable. It took markets in five continents by a storm in just a few months and the demand for it keeps growing up ever since. It is an unmatched bestseller throughout Teltonika business partners in many regions around the world.

To be sincere with you, almost 10 per cent of all GPS trackers Teltonika manufactures and deploys today is namely model FMB920. Truly a gem.

The winning features

The model is compact and lightweight, reliable, accurate and enduring. The rich set of features and usage scenarios for the basic track and trace GPS tracker category, as well as a price-value ratio you can dream of makes it stand out.

It brings the indisputable value to business partners, end-users, numerous market segments and societies, countries budgets and the global economy overall. Yes, it really rocks!

Why FMB920 is such a success story?

Well, the straightforward answer – because it meets market needs and demand. Its small size, a long list of handy features, trouble-free installation, unparalleled quality and affordable price ensures FMB920 popularity and versatility in many market niches. Whatever the way you look at it, it fits the bill on many occasions.

From a technical point of view, FMB920 is designed for vehicle tracking in such applications as delivery and courier transport, recovery of stolen vehicles, public safety services, taxi, car rental and shared mobility scooter fleets, insurance telematics and more. Inputs/outputs considerably extend the device usage scenarios.

Furthermore, it was the first Teltonika GPS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity which tremendously broadened its functional potential and enhanced competitive edge in the market. As well, it is one of the first models named as FMB and can be connected to various BLE sensors or even BLE OBD dongle to scan vehicle on-board diagnostic data with ease.

Conventional inputs like digital input (DIN) can be used for ignition, door, or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilizing may be achieved using FMB920 digital output (DOUT). The firmware might be conveniently updated and configured via contemporary FOTA WEB solution.

Applicable usage scenarios: Green driving, Over speeding detection, Jamming detection, DOUT control via call, Excessive idling detection, Unplug detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Auto and Manual geofence, Trip scenario.

Thanks to its compact size and shape, the model can be fitted in the tightest spaces pretty much anywhere in the vehicle. It is even being used as a hidden backup tracker in case the main one has been broken or stolen.

The winning features

A few historical facts

A few curious facts about FMB920 model reflecting its evolution to success:

  • The project launched in July 2016.
  • The product launched in December 2016.
  • 1st major upgrade in April 2018:
    • Standard SIM has been replaced with a smaller new generation MicroSIM;
    • MicroSD Card memory has been replaced with the advanced 128MB internal flash memory;
    • Input power range with overvoltage protection expanded to 6-30V DC widening its applications to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.
  • 2nd major upgrade in July 2018:
    • Bluetooth 3.0 was expanded to 4.0 Low Energy connectivity allowing connections to various sensors and beacons furthermore expanding its versatility and value to customers;
    • Casing enhanced to ensure its robustness and endurance;
    • Wiring improved.
  • Outstanding popularity fact – right before the global pandemic, one of our clients used to install over 1000 units of FMB920 a day!

Thoughts to take with you

Nowadays, there are many GPS trackers in the market to choose from – small and large, expensive and affordable, advanced and simple. You name it, you get it! But there is one standing out from the crowd, breaking through the attempts to replicate it by others, the unmatched market leader and a legendary all-rounder bringing value, and nothing but the value to the world of Telematics. It's called Teltonika FMB920.



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