MGPS Tracer

MGPS Tracer
Manufacturer: Gurtam
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Number of units

Supported in Wialon:
  • Communication via UDP

The following data should also be added to MGPS Tracer unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software:

Device type: MGPS Tracer
Unique ID: Displayed on application screen

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration MGPS Tracer for use in Wialon Hosting:

Server port: 20158

J2ME applications for using mobile phone with GPS module as GPS tracker.

Unique ID is displayed just after application start. You need to specify it in device settings dialog in Wialon GPS tracking software.

For GPRS trafic consumption optimization MGPS Tracer uses adaptive transmition mode - on stays less frequent messages, in movement, acceleration, turning - more frequent and UDP channel for messages delivery.

Download application version 1.3 as JAR file

0 units of MGPS Tracer device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all Software for Mobile Devices connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

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