Distance Tag

App for personal monitoring

It’s a cost-effective and reliable Wialon-based solution for tracking the movement of people. It helps monitor how employees and citizens follow the quarantine rules; allows controlling the location of everyone on a territory with movement restrictions.

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                    Distance Tag

Scope of application

                    Distance Tag
For monitoring the movement of patients and medical staff during a quarantine.

                    Distance Tag
For defining the location of children and elderly people, for controlling the movement of citizens during a curfew.

                    Distance Tag
Correctional facilities
For monitoring the movement of prisoners who are under the house arrest.

                    Distance Tag
Corporate monitoring
For checking how workers follow internal rules in commercial and state organizations.

How it works

An operator pairs a Bluetooth bracelet with Distance Tag installed on a tracked person’s mobile phone.
Distance Tag transmits the data about a person’s location and movement to the Wialon server.
Wialon collects and processes the data.
An operator receives the processed data via the Distance Tag Admin app.


A user and an operator can call each other, send a message, photo, or geolocation.


As soon as a person (a user) steps too far away from a mobile phone or leaves a designated area, both an operator and a user get a corresponding notification.

Logging in via a QR code

A user can effortlessly log into the app via a QR code.

Creating units

An operator can quickly create a big number of units for monitoring.

Effortless QR code generation

Via Distance Tag Admin, An operator generates QR codes for logging into a user app (Distance Tag).

User settings remote control

Via Distance Tag Admin, an operator can remotely configure and later change user settings of Distane Tag.


What’s the difference between Distance Tag and WiaTag?

                    Distance Tag

Distance Tag

The interface is as simple as possible.
The app doesn’t require any specific skills for setting it up.
Monitoring is more strict thanks to the irremovable Bluetooth bracelet.

                    Distance Tag


The app offers a wider range of functionalities.
The app requires specific skills for setting it up.
Monitoring is less strict without a Bluetooth bracelet.

A webinar on Distance Tag

Distance Tag. New personal monitoring app by Gurtam

Topics discussed:
  • Why we need Distance Tag, and how it can help.
  • How to set up and configure Distance Tag.
  • How Distance Tag can be used to monitor people during COVID-19?
  • Other cases (monitoring of workers, people under home arrest, parental and elderly people control, etc).
Date: 29 April 2020
Author: Aleksandra Dikan, Business Analyst of the Mobile Development team at Gurtam
Length: 60 minutes.

                    Distance Tag

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