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"It’s more than simply a business project, it’s a true Community. This is a basis and a core principle of our cooperation with partners. Gurtam team is committed to individual approach to every single member of Wialon community. A deeper understanding of partners’ business models allows us to create such form of cooperation that allows both parties to achieve excellent results together!"

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Chief Wialon Officer

After more than 15 years in the GPS tracking market we created a unique ground for communication and interaction between market players, from soft- and hardware manufacturers to Heads of transport enterprises. Our Community comprises hundreds of experts and market professionals from various countries worldwide ready to share their experience to solve any real-life business issue.

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Community members

Our distributors

We are open for cooperation with integrators from any country worldwide and ready to assist in business development by all means.

Hardware manufacturers

We strive for our system to work with any type of GPS hardware and are ready for constructive dialogue with manufacturers.

Software developers

Wialon can be successfully integrated with third-party software, providing mutual benefits for Gurtam and partners.

Advantages of Gurtam community

  • Business development

  • Сlient base elaboration assistance
  • Joint participation in major projects
  • Consulting and sharing the experience
  • Doors Open days in Gurtam headquarters