Wialon Hosting September Update

13 September, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

Software Freedom Day, World Car-Free Day, The Day When VIN Decoding in Wialon Became True – in September we have all types of holidays coming. But there are several festive occasions on September 13 – “Register Event” dialog renovation day, New group reports day, and much more. Read the article on our blog to know more about the new opportunities!

VIN decoding feature

Now you can fill in the profile of a vehicle in a matter of seconds by simply adding its VIN. Just enter the VIN-code in the “Profile” tab of “Unit Properties” and click the “Check VIN” button to automatically add the available data on the unit and engine parameters. Consequently, you can check and adjust the information manually. In two weeks we'll automate the receipt of VIN contained in messages from certain devices. If a tracker once sent VIN as one of the parameters to the system, the number will automatically appear in the corresponding field of "Profile" tab. The only thing left to do is to click "Check VIN" button.  


!Note. You can repeat the procedure of VIN decoding no more than 3 times for each unit a week.  

By knowing the relevant characteristics of each vehicle in your fleet you can adequately assign units to rounds and distribute cargo, analyze fuel consumption for the engine type, check traffic violations by a number plate, generate routes with due consideration to toll roads and carrying capacity, etc.

The new “Register Event” dialog

Fuel filling, maintenance, driver examination – the events can take place concurrently, regularly or even be the mandatory requirement for the unit to start the round. In the latter case, you’ll add the same events for the same units on a daily basis every time repeating a multiple stage process. Having such knowledge we simplified the procedure of registering several events for a single unit by renovating the corresponding dialog.


We combined several steps in one window: select event type, add a description and click “Save and continue” to keep on adding events for the unit with no need to turn to the monitoring interface. That way you save time on searching one and the same vehicle each time you need to add another event. 

The exact location of the event can now be added by using the search on the map. Just enter the correct address and you’ll see a perceptible marker in the specified place. No need to manually choose the location for making a click.       

Group reports

Let’s say today you need to generate an Eco Driving report only for Volvo FH13 trucks – due to their high-performance engines Volvo drivers more and more often violate speed limits. The issue is that the units are distributed into different groups or even don’t belong to any. Good news – it’s not a problem anymore. Now you no more need to create a separate group of units for a report - just generate a report for any selected units. The feature makes report system more flexible and allows to avoid the creation/deletion of dozens of occasional groups for a single report.  



Just recently we simplified hardware configuration by adding the option of parameter grouping to custom messages dialog. Wondering how to share the sets of parameters with other users? Just export user settings or select a separate entry to import/export only custom messages parameters. As a result, you avoid the necessity to export/import all the data on a particular user and get the way to configure devices under multiple users in the system. 



“Notification Properties” dialog also underwent changes. Notification triggering parameters, including “Min duration of alarm state”, “Min duration of the previous state” and “Timeout”, can now be set accurate to seconds.  



In September the users get maximum workspace to handle information in “Messages”, “Reports” and “Routes” panels. We added an option to completely hide the map to view more text and numeric data in the corresponding tables. Now you get a broader picture of unit activity and are no more distracted from managing large volumes of data. 

This is where we start the development process for October update. Try the new functions now and leave your sound ideas and suggestions on our forum to become one of Gurtam's masterminds. 

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Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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