Wialon Hosting: What’s new in July 2017?

26 July, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

After the introduction of Wialon beta branch, the most active partners got access to the newest Wialon functions before their official release. The above helps us to acquire a more detailed feedback right from the start, adjust the developments precisely to the customers’ needs and, as a result, implement more novelties every month. Thanks to closer cooperation with our partners and their support, we managed to enhance tooltips, update custom message sending dialog, and release the anticipated video monitoring module earlier than expected. So let’s take a closer look at the novelties in Wialon Hosting.  

Video surveillance in Wialon

A thorough analysis of user requests, several months of development and testing and we are ready to implement almost any project in the area of video monitoring thanks to the new module in Wialon.

While working with a minimap you can quickly switch to a video mode. After its activation, you access a work area where video windows are located. Every window presents a separate video player with the option to select a camera.  

After clicking “Video” button in the monitoring panel a mini window pop-ups featuring the first camera stated in "Unit Properties".   

The size, number and type of displayed cameras along with a grid size can be changed in settings available right in the video mode window.

Nowadays, video surveillance in GPS tracking is on the rise which means the functionality of the new module will soon be extended. We want Gurtam analysts and developers to work closely with our community and look forward to your ideas and suggestions about how to advance the module. Together we’ll create the solution subject to your needs.


Grouping of parameters for sending custom message

Custom messages with commands are widely used for remote hardware configuration. When sending a non-standard command to a unit the user can save the parameters in the system. Having a number of diverse commands and a variety of tracking devices it’s highly probable you’ll get an unordered set of saved parameters. As a result, it may take less time to create the new message than to search for the existing one. 

To avoid such the situation we implemented parameters grouping in custom message sending dialog. All you need is to create a group, select a target parameter and click on “Save” button to add it to the group. 

group parameters

This way you always know which parameters are to be sent to, say, Teltonika devices and what for.

New filters in “Eco driving” report

Efficient driver behavior control allows businesses to save on fuel, maintenance, and traffic tickets. The more fleet managers use the functionality in Wialon, the more challenging tasks they face and the more precise configuration they need. Today we added filters by mileage in trips, violation name (mask), and its duration to “Eco driving” report. The above helps to exсlude unnecessary information from reports, concentrate on major violations, generate reports by violation type, and make them project/task-specific etc.


New in geofences

You can now add a new geofence to one of the existing groups when creating it in the corresponding tab or “Address” and “Rooting” tools. It will help to start organizing geofences from the start instead of searching for them among the dozens of others thereafter.      



This month, tooltips have become more informative and more convenient to use.

More information: report template tooltip now contains the information on the report type, bound units and the list of tables. This allowed us to combine several steps (open report settings, scroll the list of tables, and go through configuration) into one (point at a report template) which significantly saves your time.


Copying information: the tooltip now “freezes” upon pointing both at units and unit tracks allowing you to copy the necessary information not being distracted from the map.


CMS Manager advancements

“Units” tab in CMS Manager has been supplemented with “Unit groups” column. The new column contains the groups a unit belongs to. 

CMS_groups_en For convenient work with third-party applications, we added the option to export “Unit groups” column to .xlsx. 

So far the coldest July in Minsk ever is nearly over: right now you may be adjusting Eco Driving configuration to control drivers on wet and slippery roads or walking around sunny California and counting miles with WiaTag... Anyway, we hope this summer you feel our support while we are already planning Wialon Hosting updates in August.   

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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