Wialon Hosting Extra Update

22 February, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

The more you get used to Wialon system monthly updates – the more chances we have to surprise you with special update of Wialon Hosting. We believe the curiosity will give way to satisfaction after you see the improvements mostly based on partners’ ideas coming in from our forum

POI and Geofences Integration

The incorporation of POI into Geofences is one of the most anticipated and ambitious developments for Wialon Hosting. Gurtam partners repeatedly pointed out the necessity of using several features of POI while managing geofences. 

Among the POI features of interest were customizable display on the map and the option to bind icons and multimedia files (via iframe). Geofences are functionally more important due to their use in reports module. That’s why our clients often had to create both a geofence and a POI in a single point. Time has come to unite the notions. 

After the integration geofences will acquire the following features:

  • option to set an icon (custom or from the library);
  • html support in geofence description;
  • caption color and size adjustments for geofence mapping;
  • visibility adjustments;
  • option to disable geofence circle display;
  • option to view and set coordinates (the former is available only for circle geofences);
  • overlapping items grouping.

Geofences, in their turn, lose ride beginning, ride end and address source flags. These elements will be available in report templates only. POI tab in the monitoring panel and all the references to the notion in the system and applications will also vanish. All the existing POI will be converted into geofences of circle type with radius determined by POI properties. GEOPOI! We are sure that the above shall simplify and advance your experience with the system. We believe that you will soon get used to the novelties. Nevertheless, if you face any difficulties feel free to contact technical support via e-mail (support@gurtam.com).


Sensor line color marking allowed users to stop wasting time trying to find the necessary data in unit tooltip. For the second time in February we continue to “play” with color schemes and aimed at color settings for text parameters from custom sensors. From now on you can check up a flag indicating whether the device sends text or numeric parameters. 

After the flag for text parameters is active you can set up parameter value, color and text for every one of them. Depending on your objectives you can set up exact values or sensor masks, while displaying priority is given to the former. 


The advancement is suitable for those who need to receive notifications on device operation, be those errors or warnings. Moreover text parameters are useful for remote hardware diagnostics

Just set up sensor mask for all types of mistakes and exact values for special warnings, allowing for prompt reaction to emerging changes and taking well-timed decisions.

Linguistic Aspects

A week at GITEX 2015 resulted in a long ride to adjust company activities for the rapidly growing MEASA region. After translating marketing materials our specialists got down to linguistic aspects of Wialon system. In this update we addressed the issues of Farsi, Arabian and other hieroglyphic languages. Particularly, we modified right to left order scripts. From now on, after using Localization tool to translate Wialon user interface, the position of English words in the right to left script will no more delude anybody.

Authorization Page Video

Video skins are now applicable for authorization page! Requirements for the new service are available upon request to support@gurtam.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your authorization page stand out!

Other Important Updates

As for minor, but still important updates, notification on approval at addition of all units to the monitoring list appeared. No more accidents, only acknowledged actions in Wialon system! 

Wialon Hosting leap-update also brought us CMS Manager advancements. For usability purposes “Users” tab was supplemented by “Billing plan” column allowing for proper user sorting. BillingPlan 

By popular request we also added new search filter by characteristics in CMS Manager and Wialon Hosting. Wialon “Search on map” tool allows for searching units by vehicle VIN-code and registration number.

Back to the Future

In anticipation of the new logistics service for drivers and dispatchers from Gurtam we added a new service in CMS Manager account properties. The new service called “Orders” was implemented alongside with the corresponding access rights allowing to create, read, edit and delete orders. Watch the news not to miss the release. 


Try the updated version now and share your impressions on our forum. 

Have a good week!

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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