Wialon Hosting: What’s new in August 2017

25 August, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

The beginning of August was marked by the “National Simplify your Life Week”, and this is what we do best. Every month with the updated Wialon your business becomes more automated, transparent, and credible. So let's check what's new in Wialon in August.

Additional chart/table instead of a map

When it comes to data analysis you will need all workspace you can get, especially when a report contains multiple charts and tables.

Turning to the best marketers - home shopping professionals - we are ready to give you the best offer: generate ONE report in Wialon system and view TWO report tabs in the monitoring interface.


In other words, previously reports were displayed below the map - no other options. Now you can switch to “chart/chart”, “table/table” and “chart/table” view in one click: at that the map disappears and a chart or a table will be displayed instead.

Modified “Profile” tab

“Profile” tab was visually divided into 3 blocks: general, cargo, and engine parameters. The latter block and the reference book were reorganized and supplemented with 4 additional fields: engine model, power, displacement, and primary fuel type. The above will allow making the work list and unit tooltips more informative due to maximum detailed profile description.


Time limitations for notifications

The long-awaited option in Wialon: now you can set the maximum number of triggered notifications for the specified time interval. Thus, if you need to get a notification, say, once every hour, day, month, etc. you’ll no more need to disable them in the beginning of every interval. It considerably saves time when working with dozens of units or accounts.


Novelties in notification triggering

Notification system: added a parameter for “in/out geofences” and “interposition of units” notifications, defined by AND/OR:

  • “and” - the notification is triggered at entering/leaving of all specified geofences at once.
  • “or” - the notification is triggered at entering/leaving of one of the specified geofences.


Round print

Wialon offers several tools for dispatchers to easily manage routes and rounds, while drivers follow the routes in Wialon-based apps or third-party navigation applications. However, drivers themselves need to elaborate routes, plan vehicle loading, control scheduling, and view route point information, often without a smart device. Considering the above we implemented the option to preview and print the round right from the rounds table. That way the drivers stay constantly informed and no more depend on mobile devices.


Unit display on the map

Good news! It’s now easier to control drivers bound to units – driver name can be displayed instead of or along with unit name on the map. Activate the function by clicking on “Visible layers” button and selecting “Driver names” option.


Apps management dialog

Gurtam promotes handy apps management by adding extended information to “Authorized Applications” dialog: we added a column with a token creation date, implemented an option to copy token with the corresponding notification, and renovated the style of tables.


All the new functions are already available for Wialon users, but that's not all. We constantly improve the system by adding new functions to Wialon beta version throughout the month. Follow the news on our forum and become the first to try the latest functionality and leave your ideas and suggestions. See you in Autumn!

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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