Wialon Hosting 1702 Update

28 February, 2017
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

The shortest month of the year seems to have gone by in a flash. Although we only had 28 days to implement new features in Wialon Hosting tracking solution, we took up the challenge and we did it! The February update includes new report options, overall redesign of interface icons, new billing services and much more. However, see for yourself. 

Reports by Notifications/Jobs Triggers

Gurtam keeps on improving the reports by notifications/jobs triggers. Probably, many of you have already tried the option to email report links, which are stored on Gurtam servers for 10 days following the date of creation . Now you have an opportunity to use your own FTP-server and even set your custom subject and body text for the letter

ftp en In CMS Manager “Account properties” dialog you’ll find a new tab “Advanced” where you can set up a user FTP-server and customize email body and text using various parameters for automation.

Event Markers and Tracks Filtration

When generating reports for a longer period you can face the map displaying hundreds of event markers and dozens of tracks for the whole reporting interval. To help you avoid information overload as well as synchronize report tables with map output, Wialon Hosting has been supplemented with an option to filter event markers and tracks in reports

Need trips less than 5 kilometers? Want to focus on parkings lasting more than 1 hour? Now you can simply limit the number of graphical elements on the map, based on various parameters. Filtration criteria for each graphical element can be set in advanced settings of report template properties. 

For your convenience, we’ve also added an option to apply current table filters to a marker. If intervals filtration has been already set for a corresponding-type table, and same filters need to be set for displaying graphical elements on the map as well, then you can facilitate a process of indicating filtration parameters by uploading those applied for the table.Reports by Notifications/Jobs Triggers

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Coordinates and addresses from LBS messages

For container shipping projects with GPS signal being often unavailable, our partners rely heavily on Wialon LBS data. In the updated Wialon Hosting we’ve improved messages and sensor tracing reports as well as reports on events/violations by adding coordinates and addresses in LBS messages

The new option will allow for more informative reports to be provided to Wialon end-users.

New interface icons

Although we mainly focus on functionality when developing the system, design issues are always on the agenda. This month Wialon Hosting will look differently due to the new icons in main menu, monitoring panel and headers of all panels. We’ve done our best to make them user-friendly and easy to understand. icons We see the icons up-to-date, perceptible and recognizable, and what do you think? Share your opinion with us!

New Billing Services: Locator and Import/Export

Geofences indicating elements on the map and other GIS-data may constitute intellectual property of our clients, along with other settings and data (geofences, calibration and calculation tables, etc.) accessible for export and import. The same is applicable for unit location which can be shared with Locator tool. 

Access to the information often has to be restricted. For data safety reasons we added Locator and Export/Import as billing services in CMS Manager. By disabling the services you can remove Locator and Export/Import lines from User menu, thus restricting access to valuable information for third-parties. billing en

Passengers Module

Considering the increasing popularity of Passengers module we are on our way to completely integrate it into the system. This time Wialon Hosting acquired updated “Search on Map” tool, allowing for dynamic search by passengers. Upon clicking on the target passenger you get visualization of its location with no need to study statistics and reports. Moreover, knowing a single passenger name, you can easily find the relevant transport vehicle. Reports by Notifications/Jobs Triggers

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Also, Passengers are now represented in Resource contents report with actual data on passenger quantity. That way you get most comprehensive information on resource contents. In addition, while transferring resource contents, data on passengers is available for export/import. 

It cannot but be unmentioned Gurtam team has made a range of minor improvements for Wialon Hosting which will certainly be of practical use for our clients.

  • Routing tool has been supplemented with information on approximate route duration.
  • For Wialon Hosting users from Kuwait we’ve integrated Arcgis maps with proprietary geocoding and routing capabilities. Thus Arcgis users will have another address source in Routing tool.
  • We’ve improved the logic of fuel fillings/thefts time detection in Wialon mobile app thus minimizing difference in values with Wialon Hosting web-version.
  • Following the request of our Indian partners, we’ve enhanced Summary table by adding a new column “Avg mileage per unit of fuel” (kilometers per litre).

We’d like to thank all those partners who had tried the new options in Wialon Hosting Beta and left feedback at our forum. Due to your suggestions the stable release has been enriched with thoroughly tested and in-demand functionality. Tomorrow Wialon Hosting 1702 new features will become available in stable version of the system. Enjoy it and leave your comments at Gurtam forum

Have a nice day!

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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