Wialon Hosting 1701 Update

31 January, 2017
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

January has been very productive for us in terms of advancing Wialon GPS tracking and fleet management system. Gurtam developers have been continuously working upon new Wialon Hosting features, and it’s high time we shared the results. Probably, many of you have already tested the new functionality in Wialon Hosting beta-version. We’d like to thank active and involved Wialon users for their feedback which helped us update the stable Wialon Hosting version with really in-demand and thoroughly tested features. Let us introduce Wialon Hosting 1701.

Fuel Reports

Ignition parameter for fuel thefts detection

In Wialon Hosting 1701 we’ve advanced the algorithm of fuel thefts detection. Now the system accounts the ignition sensor mode for fuel theft detection on intervals with no movement. If the ignition sensor is on, fuel consumption rate is calculated based on idling fuel consumption rate and then is compared to the actual data received from fuel level sensor. If the ignition sensor is off, the system takes into account the rate of 0 l/h. Thus fuel thefts are detected more precisely for idling units or units with the ignition turned off.

Engine efficiency sensor

For those working with machinery with attached implements we’ve also improved the algorithm of fuel thefts detection and fuel consumption calculation on intervals with no movement. The coefficient when moving under load has been removed from the system. Instead of it, the engine efficiency sensor value is taken into account now.

If a unit was motionless, but its ignition sensor and engine efficiency sensor were on, fuel consumption is calculated based on idling consumption rate and the engine efficiency sensor value.

Engine efficiency sensor has become custom. Thus, this sensor type performs as a separate coefficient which can be taken into account for fuel consumption calculation. For instance, you receive CAN-bus data on engine rpm. With 2000 rpm, idling consumption rate doubles. Now you can account this parameter in engine efficiency sensor, creating correspondent calculation table. The result: accurate fuel theft detection and precise data on fuel consumption rate for intervals with no movement.

Counter Sensors table

We keep on improving reports for fuel dispensers. Now when filtering intervals by units/geofences for Counter Sensors table, there appears a new column with unit/geofence name.


For more correct and convenient data visualization in counter sensors report we’ve added a new table filter – counter sensor value range. By setting minimum and maximum sensor values you will filter irrelevant values which can appear in the report table due to hardware peculiarities.

counter sensor value range

Reports by Notifications/Jobs Triggers

In the Wialon Hosting update we’ve enhanced the option of sending reports by notifications or jobs triggers.

First, we put back the opportunity to send uncompressed files to email. Second, now users can send not only files/archives, but links to them. The files will be stored at our FTP server for 10 days, and you can download them if needed. The new option will save your mailbox storage space and give an opportunity to share the link to the report with customers or colleagues.


What’s more, the report, sent to your email, will now have a more complex name, containing element and template names, date and sending time. For example: wialon_eco driving report_2016-11-24_15-29.zip. This will help users to quickly search the needed reports and avoid spam-filters of some email clients.

Eco Driving

Everyone wants to know, if the employees are driving safely, but few have time to set up Eco Driving module right. Good news for Wialon Hosting users: we’ve partly done the work and created several templates with an individual set of criteria for automobiles, trucks and buses.

eco driving_en The criteria are based on the objective data from dozens of real vehicles and, therefore, can be applied in practice. Nevertheless, each criterion can be readjusted to a particular task, project or vehicle. Now Eco Driving module can be set up even by a novice user, while an experienced one will bring it to perfection. 

In addition, we paid attention to the “A level drivers” in the updated Eco Driving module. Now units and drivers, having eco driving settings, will get to the ranking table even if they don’t have any violations for the requested period. Blameless drivers score 6 points in the rating.

Real-time Motion Sensor

When standard movement detection methods (by speed) fail due to hardware errors or LBS-service utilization, we suggest you to use real-time motion sensor. The sensor is digital by nature and allows you to create calculation table and set speed, ignition, rpm and other indices as sensor parameters. Moreover, the use of formulas in sensor parameters allow for adequate validation (e.g. if the speed is above 3 km/h, the unit is moving, but only when the ignition is on).motionAlthough such hardware is uncommon, regular motion detection sensors are also supported in this case.

Google Services in Billing Plan

Following the requests of Gurtam partners, we’ve added a separate Google service in billing plan. Now you can limit access to Google services for any particular account. The new service is available in CMS Manager for top users having Google key.

Monitoring Panel and Units Visualization

Coordinates in tooltip and extended information

We can’t afford to let address database deficiencies affect satellite monitoring. That’s why Wialon Hosting has been supplemented by the option to view the coordinates in unit tooltip and extended information. With this the users no more spend time on working with messages to get raw coordinates.


Moreover, dispatchers always know the exact unit location and can generate the best route exactly to the point on the map. Coordinates handling has also become more convenient. The data can be easily copied and used in other mapping systems.

The result is evident: advanced navigation for the companies involved in agriculture, construction and primary production, where address information can be unavailable.  

Map zoom

What do you expect to find out when searching for units, drivers and trailers on the map? I bet anything, but the fact that on the world map scale your unit is located somewhere between Russia and Poland. That’s why we implemented convenient search on the map: start searching for elements and the map is automatically scaled to the second level, which makes unit location visually identifiable and saves time on manually scaling the map.

What’s more, you don’t even need to use a mouse or a touchpad. Just activate hotkeys, press “F” before the search, start typing and use arrows for navigation. Quick and easy.

Also, we’ve added an option to choose the way inactive units should be visualized on the map. As you know, when units do not send data over 48 hours, their icons become blurry. Now you can switch off the blurring in user settings.


More Usability

New way to create groups of elements

Do you create groups by goals, geography, types? With the increase in the number of elements you’ll have to manage dozens of groups and rearrange them depending on various conditions.

In Wialon Hosting 1701 you can create larger groups faster and easier with the option to generate a new group with units from another one. Just choose the relevant group in the drop-down list at group creation, select the units and transfer them to a new group. As simple as that.

Fuel Reports

Apps configuration

We are proud that Wialon performs all types of tasks in the area of GPS tracking, even if our partners use the system under another name and with modified interface. Apps have also proven to be an important part of the system and are available for white-labeling. Considering the increasing interest in Wialon Apps we simplified the process of adding white-labeled applications in partner CMS Manager accounts.  apps-white-label-en

If branded apps are disposed on your DNS and are available in Extra Apps service, you can add it to the Apps list in CMS in one click and, consequently, get quick access to the new app in Wialon Hosting.

Locator update

We’ve improved the interface of Locator – one of the most popular Wialon tools for link generation. The Locator dialog has become larger, and links are generated in a separate window now.

In the updated Locator you can look at the list of units assigned to a link with no need to open editing dialog. Also, we’ve added tooltips to all Locator icons so that new users can learn the tool faster.

Fuel Reports

Here it is – Wialon Hosting 1701. The new functionality will become available today. Try it and leave your feedback at the Gurtam forum. We’re open to any comments and suggestions.

Have a fruitful day!

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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