Wialon Hosting 0916 Update

21 September, 2016
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

Wialon is an evolving system, and its development direction depends, first and foremost, on customer needs. Therefore, we’re eager to take into account sound ideas of our partners and bring them to life in another Wialon update. But before new functionality comes to stable release, it’s thoroughly tested in a separate Wialon version at dev.hosting.wialon.com (read more about Wialon update policy).

We move on and introduce more flexible settings of Wialon Hosting versions. 

Now there are three branches: stable, beta and dev. Stable is a branch with functionality which has undergone all stages of testing. 

It’s rarely updated with new features. Beta is a branch containing the latest functions developed for the monitoring system. This branch is intended for the analysis of Wialon Hosting updates. Beta version is available for user DNS. Dev is an old branch available at dev.hosting.wialon.com. Here you dip into the future and try most recent Wialon features. 

In CMS Manager  the 'User Settings' dialog of a top user now contains a 'Branches' tab. This tab provides a possibility to choose branches for user's DNS available: Stable, Beta and Stable/Beta. The option “Stable/Beta” allows the users for utilizing this DNS to be able to switch between branches on the login page of the monitoring system. In other words, if something goes wrong a user can always get back to the stable Wialon Hosting version. 

Beta stage is highly important for Wialon development. Therefore we’d be glad if as many partners as possible take active part in testing new features. With your help we’ll be able to understand user needs deeper and make Wialon extremely useful for your business. 

Now we’re happy to present some new Wialon Hosting features which are already available in beta version. Try a new function without waiting for the main release.

CMS Manager

CMS Manager White Label

We added the opportunity of CMS Manager white labeling. You can personalize the login page; change the main title, a copyright and a page title. Also, we added an opportunity to log in CMS Manager through your own DNS.


To enable this function, the Premium package and the Extra Site module for each new domain is required. For further information please contact your sales manager.

Resource Creation

It’s now simpler to create a resource - you have specific button for this. Moreover you won’t have to master the process from scratch, as it is still carried out in the established dialog window, where you can enter its name and choose a creator from the list of available users, manage access rights or fill in custom fields. Upon this it is no more possible to create a user and a resource simultaneously and yet useless “Separate billing” flag has also disappeared from “Create Account” dialog.


Dynamic filters

Now creating a new notification or job, you can use a dynamic filter by name to find a necessary unit faster. The similar filter is also available for geofences when creating the corresponding notification and for units at driver/trailer assignment. We hope it’ll make your work with Wialon more comfortable.

Browser Notifications in Wialon

For your prompt response to changes in the GPS tracking system we integrated browser notifications in Wialon.When you get an online system notification your browser will offer you to allow browser notifications.


In case you block such type of notifications and later change your mind, you can allow the notifications in the browser settings. For example, in Google Chrome it can be done in the following way:

  1.    Click Settings > Show advanced settings.
  2.    In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
  3.    In the box that appears, scroll down to "Notifications" and choose one of the following:

- Allow all sites to show notifications: You'll automatically see notifications from all websites. 

- Ask when a site wants to show notifications: You'll get an alert from Chrome whenever a site wants to show you notifications. This is the default setting. 

- Do not allow any site to show notifications: You won't see any notifications from websites. 

You can also block any sites that already have permission to send you notifications or add your site as an exception. Just click Manage exceptions.

 Browser notifications work even when your browser is minimized or Wialon Hosting tab is inactive.

What3words Integration

Some Gurtam partners  have a huge challenge with physical addresses which generally are non-existent or highly inaccurate. We're happy to announce that What3words service has been integrated with Wialon. what3words is a unique combination of 3 words that identifies a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet. For example Gurtam's HQ in Minsk address is: - physical: 79 Pritytskogo st., Minsk, Belarus - GPS: 53.905764, 27.456979 - what3words: vocally.daily.gadgets 


What3words service is now available in Address and Routing tools for more precise route points generation from addresses. It could be used by Wialon partners across the world wherever there is an issue with physical addresses (non-existent/inaccurate). It is also useful in situations where physical addresses aren't sufficient enough (ex: delivery must be done at a precise location in a huge park).

Reports and Drivers

Human inventiveness knows no bounds. Sometimes drivers succeed in fuel thefts and cargo manipulations both during parkings and short stops. Having such knowledge we added weight columns (avg, min, max, initial, final) to reports on stops, so that dispatchers could more precisely determine the instance of fraud.


Order performance is more than just cargo transportation. The process presupposes communication with client, document management and transportation conditions control. All the challenges above are mostly addressed by the driver. That’s why it’s useful to know who was behind the wheel from time to time. For that purpose we added driver column to “Orders” report and Wialon Logistics. That way the service evolves in line with the system.


To simplify driver identification we added the option to display driver name or telephone number right in the monitoring panel. Similar option is also available for trailers, except for name display. When the corresponding flags are active in the monitoring panel customizer you see additional information near driver icon, thus saving time on driver search.

Sensor tracing

Sensor tracing table has been supplemented by user intervals display. It means that sensor text values may be displayed in the table. The new option is useful for those who use sensor tracing reports instead of reports on events, as the latter requires multiple notifications which are then saved as events. By eliminating the scope of work you really save time for further analysis.


If the sensor value comprises an interval and a text, the column will contain the text and the formatted value within the brackets. The column itself is marked by “*” symbol. The sequence of columns corresponds to the sequence of sensors in unit properties.


Good news for those getting tired to adjust column width in messages panel every time. After pushing auto width button just once you may be sure that column width will be calculated automatically for all the subsequent queries. This way you get structured tables and convenient data display, otherwise the option may be deactivated by manually adjusting column width.


Wialon Lite Apps

Those who value simplicity and minimalism will be glad to know, that Wialon Hosting Lite has been supplemented by Apps module. Its functioning is similar to the one Wialon Hosting: the list of available apps is generated in CMS manager and you get access right from system interface. Thus the users can perform a wider range of tasks in a user-friendly interface.


September appeared to be productive more than ever, while October is expected to bring forward one a most anticipated “Passengers” module. We hope you’ll have time to test the new functions to help us improve them.

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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