Wialon Hosting 0416 Update

29 April, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

April comes to an end – the month when Jack London went on his round-the-world trip, Pedro Cabral discovered Brasil, and Fernan Magellan failed negotiations with Philippines aboriginals. The events are interconnected by the fact that GPS monitoring would be of service even to the great explorers of that time, and Fernan Magellan himself could do with a personal GPS tracker with alarm button. 

In the world of today our system is constantly improving to help the explorers of telematics market realize equally ambitious projects. Today we present Wialon Hosting 0416 update, making the system more informative and user-friendly. 

Order reports

A great many of Wialon system users managed to try the new Wialon Logistics service for order management and satisfy themselves of its efficacy. That’s why the advancement of order reports system becomes the focus of Gurtam team. 

We added “Orders” block to statistics allowing to look through basic information on order management. A quick look at the statistics allows for an overall view of mobile workforce performance, saving your time on reading information intensive report. 


Additional filtration parameters became available in reports, allowing to choose order types for report generation. This allows to cut off irrelevant information and focus on the orders you are interested in:

  • visited
  • visited late
  • fulfilled
  • rejected
  • visited without status
  • non-visited

Engine hours report and statistics

Engine hours report and statistics were made even more informative. We eliminated the difference between units and unit group reports. The results of engine hours report for unit groups may now contain data on cargo weight, average and general fuel consumption in motion and in idle run in a similar way to the report for units. 

engine hours 

Table reports we supplemented by the columns for average and maximum speed values. Statistics was also extended by several fields ensuring quick access to data on fuel consumption in idle run and time in movement. Thus, regardless of whether you generate a report for a single unit or unit group, you get the most comprehensive information. 

Moreover, “Speedings” and “Digital sensors” tables were supplemented by initial and final mileage columns.

Driving quality

Driver behavior monitoring has been a focus of Gurtam team for quite a long time. Ensuring road safety demands maximum precise violations detection. For the purpose you can now set “0” as a minimum duration of the violation. This allows to register violations by a single message. Immediate violation detection makes the drivers more conscious, as even short-term speeding can draw driver competence into question. 

Violation duration


Messages module was also subject to modifications. It’s now easier to manage messages table: in case a time interval changes the table structure remains the same. This simplifies messages analysis while working with a single unit and saves time on messages table configuration. Moreover, when selecting a message you won’t miss it any more due to the more perceptible highlight background. 

There are also new opportunities of message charts management, including zoom, auto-scaling, option to save charts as .png images and extended information in tooltips at pointing at a chart. 

Message Chart

User friendliness

Random faults are what Wialon system can now negate. With 0416 update you won’t be able to delete supposedly irrelevant sensor if it’s used in other sensors and unit properties, where its operation might be critical. 

Delete Sensor

Authorization page

Authorization page was optimized for user convenience. If you entered login and password for system authorization and then decided to change the language, you won’t have to enter user-data again, as the corresponding fields remain filled in. 

Internet connection can let you down when you least expect it. Among the things it affects video skin performance on the authorization page. For the users who got accustomed to slow Internet connection we added the option to use an image to be displayed instead of default white background when video skin is loading. Please refer to Gurtam technical support for further information.

Other novelties

After Gurtam had entered the market of Latin America, we got down to system localization for the region. In the updated version we started to implement Latin American measurement system to display the corresponding information in kilometers and gallons. Select “Metric system with gallons” when creating users and resources, or in user settings or report templates. The new system will also be used for online calculations, import and export. 

In Wialon Hosting 0416 we consolidated “General” and “Time limitations” tabs in notification parameters dialog. As a result all the settings are always at hand and you don’t waste time on switching between tabs. 


As for novelties in design, tabs in “Sensors” dialog and user settings are displayed vertically which allows to access them faster. 

User settings 

Our team are not the only who look towards system advancement. We thank community members for the contribution to the development of Wialon system and challenging ideas coming in from our forum. Remember that updated Wialon Hosting returns in May! 

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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