Wialon Hosting 0216 Update

2 February, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

Gurtam entered 2016 with renewed energy and got down to the next Wialon Hosting update. Even though the holidays are over, we still have time for one more present, as our system has become more attractive and intuitive to satisfy every emerging user demand. 

Driver activity

Taking into account the increasing interest in tachographic services, we are rapidly developing driver activity control capabilities. One of the first steps in this area was made when Hours of Service solution appeared in Wialon as an app module. HOS application was designed to control driver compliance in accordance with the USA and Canada regulations, but Gurtam is targeting the whole world. Thus the updated Wialon Hosting allows for choosing driver activity data source in “Driver activity” and “Infringements” tables. The corresponding reports may be based on DDD-files data or online data from the tachograph for advanced data actuality. driver_activity Online data enables dispatchers to get up-to-date information on driver activity, without waiting for DDD-files uploading. This provides for more effective working hours control, allowing the dispatchers to give warnings on the forthcoming violations to drivers.

Weight control

Thanks to weight control report system, Wialon is capable to address a number of issues related to vehicle excess weight or empty trips. For user convenience weight information is currently displayed in “Parkings” report table. Similarly to temperature values display, the table was supplemented by several new columns (initial, final, average, minimum and maximum), where simple weight values at a point in time appear. 

The above allows a driver or a manager to register violations in due time and take appropriate measures. As a result the probability of administrative charges for all-weight excess and misappropriate inventory being onboard is minimized. What’s more, vehicle ageing and road wear slow down due to the appropriate operating conditions.

Color schemes and sensors

The reorganized "Advanced" tab allows for more handy sensor, track and unit outline colors allocation due to the increased number of pre-defined colors, quicker selection of track display modes ("Single", "By speed", "By sensor") and smarter interval adjustments. advanced Sensor properties also underwent modifications. Intervals, colors and textual description for each sensor may be set up in “Sensor properties” tab. The dispatcher is free to choose the color spectrum he desires, which allows for more flexible customization and faster reaction to any changes of sensor values. The above made it possible to reduce the number of tabs in sensor creation interface by eliminating “Custom Intervals” tab. Sensor Where it’s necessary to control a large number of parameters in unit tooltip, searching the necessary sensor may take long. Color marking of sensor line or sensor value will help to find the relevant sensor in the shortest possible time. Moreover unit tooltip has been made dynamic. In other words, after pointing at the unit you will see only live and up-to-date information.

CMS Manager

CMS Manager interface also evolved. Unit groups were supplemented with a new column to display the number of units in a group. The above enables groups search and classification by the number of units. We also added filter by billing plans to the user panel. Moreover, the quantity of units selected for import is displayed in import dialog. CMS_manager

Dynamic filters

While preparing February update, we also focused on dynamic filters in Wialon Hosting and CMS Manager interface. The updated dynamic filter for POI and Routes "remembers" visibility flags and they remain unaffected while search procedures are realized. The similar algorithm has previously been implemented for geofences, drivers and trailers.

 Similarly with driver groups, trailers and geofences panel, we added another dynamic filter to the right part of the unit groups window, allowing for easier search of units already added to a group. Moreover, while working with geofence, driver and trailer groups, you can focus the map by all the elements in a group by a click. filter


For user convenience we made it easier to manage icons for POI, drivers, trailers, units and unit groups: the icon can be set from the explorer or deleted in one click. What’s more, when executing «Send route» command you can specify route name regardless of whether the route will be saved in a system or not. 

Memorizing the last unit the user referred to from a dropdown list was originally implemented in Tracks panel. In this update the similar solution is realized in Messages panel. That way, if you often request messages from one unit, you no longer need to search for it in a dropdown list again after page reloading.

Persian calendar

Being a truly international company we are constantly in for system localization for different regions. This time we updated Persian calendar by visually marking Saturday as the first day if the week with Friday marked as a day-off. 

The first 2016 update is released in the last month of winter and we are looking forward to brighten one of your spring days with the following Wialon Hosting update.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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