/ SHELL we cooperate? More clients for Gurtam partners in 100+ countries

SHELL we cooperate? More clients for Gurtam partners in 100+ countries

12 February, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

SHELL is everywhere. Sponsoring Formula 1 teams, pioneering the Arctic, cooperating with Gurtam. Since late 2017, Wialon integrators are breaking new grounds with the projects for the major oil and gas company. Today we are discussing how Gurtam has become a vendor for Shell and made Wialon one of three recommended satellite monitoring systems.How many vehicles are there to supply the needs of Shell? The exact number is not clear even for the company employees. The above is determined by a high degree of independence of the company branches in various regions and a specific business model when it comes to transportation activities. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Shell operates in over 100 countries through the network of contractors who own motor fleets, vessels, and facilities. These contractors provide Shell with mobile and stationary assets comprising up to 80% of the company’s transport facilities. They are also independent in the matter of vendors  satellite monitoring services providers – and pick them up according to their liking.

Previously, any integrator could become the vendor and, consequently, partner with Shell. The contractors from different regions used one of 20 telematics systems. But recently the situation has changed. Now the software solution must comply with Shell requirements to IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) so to integrate with SAP HANA global database. There are only three such systems in the world, and Wialon is one of them. Do you work with the system by Gurtam? Your chances to get Shell contractors as clients have just greatly increased.

How to team up with Shell?

The products they use in Shell should meet the highest performance standards. The company turned its attention to Gurtam for two reasons:

Wialon Eco Driving module. We can explain all the calculations and driver behaviour analysis results in details. Besides, all the default parameters for various vehicles types became available from experiments  we analysed the data of more than 800,000 monitoring units registered in Wialon data-centre.

We offer a hardware-agnostic platformOver 1,300 types of devices are Wialon-supported. It means that Shell can cooperate with contractors regardless of their equipment.

Gurtam and Shell cooperation started just like that... But it took no less than a year. For this time we successfully made our platform technically compliant with HANA:

  1. We brushed the system according to the requirements by Shell. Telematics data are transferred from Wialon to HANA via API in the necessary format;
  2. We handed over the experience of Wialon implementation and data structure comprehension to Shell developers. The process of seamless data transfer and analysis from contractors’ units and drivers was got up and running.
  3. Our partners tested different ways of hardware setup. You can address to Gurtam experts with a specific project and get a piece of advice on the equipment configuration.

Final result: Wialon is a perfect and reliable platform for getting all necessary data on the trips, events, and eco-driving of light vehicles.

The structured data from different GPS monitoring systems is stored in HANA. Analytical information is used to optimize logistics and improve the drivers’ control. Eventually, Shell provides:

  1. Road safety. The routes are built in the way to avoid the most dangerous sections taking into account the driver behaviour data. Above that, global and regional ratings of drivers are based on Wialon data.
  2. Reasonable transport distribution. Trips data help to identify the frequency of vehicle usage and the necessary number of units in the region.
  3. Driver notification. The employees keep to work and rest schedule according to the region legislation and perform the routes taking into consideration their seasonal character and other parameters. For example, thanks to Wialon data the drivers are promptly informed of natural hazards and can turn back under seismic activity threat or skip around the landslide. It helps to prevent accidents, and this is extremely important when transporting dangerous goods.

How do you win?

After the integration with HANA, Gurtam partners gained access to all Shell contractors. And it means the possibility to maximize the positions in the marketplaces of 100+ countries, and here is why:

  1. Shell implements such requirements to IVMS that only three systems including Wialon comply with them nowadays.
  2. Current and future contractors of the oil and gas company get acquainted with new requirements.
  3. In 17 cases out of 20, companies understand that the system they are using at the moment doesn’t ensure the right data transfer to HANA.
  4. Some contractors may want to change their GPS tracking system (and their integrator) not to lose the contract with Shell.
  5. While other companies are handling the integration with HANA, you start offering Wialon.

What to do? Shell contractor holds a tender in the region? Participate. Makes a request? Accept it. Now you are an authorized IVMS-vendor.

Good news for Gurtam partners. While holding the tenders for big companies, Shell will try to provide the participation of at least one Wialon integrator. Don’t miss this chance. 

As a result of such cooperation, three parties win:

Shell gets a wide range of contractors to choose from, even if they use various equipment. The data from 1,300+ types of devices are now forwarded to HANA.

Contractors can change the platform for a more capable one having kept Shell as a client.

Wialon integrators get a chance to partner with Shell and connect previously unavailable units. Keep in mind that it is about 80% of all vehicles operating for Shell.

Use these three benefits to deliver projects for the biggest oil and gas company. The best time to act is now. Wialon integrators are already working with Shell in Iraq and Brunei, and their positions are just getting stronger.

If you see that there is the possibility of cooperation with one of the contractors, we are ready to advise you on the technical part, tell about the delivered projects and help with the equipment issues. Contact us at

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