This Year Results by Gurtam

23 December, 2014

2014 has been a year of active development, stable growth, launching new solutions and projects. Today, just a few days before Christmas and New Year Holidays, the most beautiful time of the year, I’d like to remember myself and remind you about the most crucial events, happened to Gurtam:

  • Wialon local. In 2014 Gurtam we launched a new server solution — Wialon Local. The product has already gained popularity and found its place among Gurtam main solutions.
  • GPS Trace. We greatly modified and improved GPS Trace. Now this free tracking service became even more functional and user-friendly.
  • Wialon Hosting. We launched one global Wialon Hosting update and a whole range of smaller, but also important improvements.
  • Wialon Hosting Lite. We showcased a simplified Wialon Hosting Lite interface, preserving only the most popular and commonly used features.
  • GPS Tag. We unified GPS Tag free software tracker for all Wialon products. Today it is available in two versions for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Training. We started webinars and added the possibility for offline Wialon certification.
  • Gurtam Maps. We updated our native Gurtam Maps cartographic service. The system is constantly filled up with new maps and actualized by our specialists.
  • Other projects. We significantly modified and updated Gurtam forum and made it much more customized. Also we opened the first Satellite Technologies Museum in Minsk.

Gurtam & partners applications

In 2014 the range of free Wialon Apps has been enriched by new trendy applications: Dashboard, Sensolator, Protocoller. Our partners also put the most efforts and created various apps, perfectly working with Wialon and in some way, extending its functionality.

Gurtam all over the world

Every year the number of industry events, conferences and exhibitions that are worth visiting is becoming larger. Therefore, every year Gurtam visits and takes active part in many new telematics and M2M events. So, Gurtam travel map 2014:

Partner meetings

We participate not only in different exhibitions and conferences, but regularly organize our own partner meetings. In 2014 we ran conferences in Russia, Germany, India, UAE and even in Tanzania at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. And of course, don’t forget about the main event of the year — Gurtam partner conference «Telematics 2014. Minsk».

Gurtam in numbers

Gurtam in numbers

  • We have more than 650 000 unites tracked by Wialon and other Gurtam products all over the world. .
  • Wialon Hosting conquered another milestone in 300 000 units and is gradually reaching the mark 400 thousand.
  • We continue supporting different types of GPS hardware. Today at you can find all the 730 types.
  • We hit records in Wialon Data Center: maximum users online — 21 101; maximum units online 187 823; maximum messages per minute — 2 339 564.
  • Wialon community also increased: today 710 companies from different countries of the world use our products.

Wialon community

  • We launched our own YouTube channel that regularly attracts new subscribers and is replenished by new training videos, helping to work with Wialon and other Gurtam products. During this year we added 36 videos, seen 15 018 times in total.
  • More details about Gurtam 2014 read in our weblog.

Aliaksei Shchurko

Right before New Year holidays Gurtam CEO Aliaksei Shchurko reminds: «It was extremely busy and important year for our company. We moved into a new wonderful office where everyone doubled their efforts and energy in filling Wialon with new functional capabilities. Personally I visited many new conferences and expos, where I managed to compare our company and product with those offered by large international companies. Though now as I see more and more similar patterns in other telematics products all over the world, I can definitely say that the business strategy, chosen for Wialon, is still unique.

Next year will be called the year of innovations. Right now we’re working on the whole package of innovative developments that will help our partners to provide full-fledged solutions. Such solutions will cover any needs and requirements of the customers by 95 %, even those requirements, you still only dream about. As for the rest 5 %, we will as usual leave some space for self-development. Fortunately, all our products have full featured API. And now my best wishes and a Happy New year, my friends!»

That’s all about Gurtam 2014. Happy Holidays and see you again in 2015!

Gurtam in numbers