Gurtam at Telematics Conference Colombo 2018

13 December, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

Two flights, nine hours on the aircraft, and 1.5 hours in the traffic jam to get to the first conference of a Gurtam partner in Sri Lanka.

It was totally worth it. 

Telematics Conference Colombo 2018 that was held by our partner KloudIP and took place in the Sri Lankan capital on December 5. You read about KloudIP on Gurtam blog, knew them as a co-exhibitor at our megabooth in Dubai and a developer of Wialon-based solutions.

On the national market, the company gets to a new level and proves to be an expert at the first telematics conference in the country for partners, clients, and even competitors. KloudIP CEO Sanjeeva Cooray believes that the market is big enough to house all:

“Only several tens of thousands vehicles out of 6,000,000 are connected to GPS monitoring systems. We can expand the market together. And it’s easier to do with the multifunctional platform by Gurtam,” says Sanjeeva.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if tomorrow two companies will try to win the same project. Today, they discuss the present and future of telematics, complex solutions, personal tracking, and the fall of connectivity providers as system integrators. They give their reasons for why versatile platforms are the thing of the future, what telematics trends will rule the world next year, and share their implementation experience. 

The conference goals sounded so impressive that we couldn’t stay away and came to speak out. Judge for yourself: unite the competitors in the name of Wialon, show the benefits of the projects by the biggest companies in the region, bring together the whole telematics community of the country.

The conference had a clear storytelling spirit – one presentation was exchanged by the next one and the next again, and all of them were associated with the same idea – to show the industry evolvement and its two-year perspectives. 

KloudIP CEO Sanjeeva Cooray opened the conference. He told that back in the 2000s, the easiest way to track your car was to hire a detective. While now, the vehicle’s location is the least you can track in real time.

At the end of his presentation, Sanjeeva gave the floor to Anastasiya Eroho, Head of Marketing department at Gurtam, and Marketing Specialist Kirill Yakunin. We told about why Gurtam as a developer is worth your trust, and why the platform is worth using as the most multifunctional solution on the market. The second part of the presentation we dedicated to the telematics market, its development, the way it affects the market players, and how Gurtam community helps us to keep up with it.  

Yasintha Vithanage, KloudIP CTO, proceeded with his speech. He focused on KloudIP solutions, their implementation, and benefits. After that we switched sides – BRANDIX and DHL, KloudIP’s top clients, told about their experience with the system.

BRANDIX, the apparel manufacturer for such brands as Gap, Marks&Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, shared how to optimize the staff transportation system if you have thousands of workers. They also showed how the personnel logistics influences the enterprise workflow. We wrote about this project, by the way.

DHL explained the role of telematics in temperature-sensitive freight transportation, including pharmaceuticals and chemical substances. Find the details of the project on the blog.

In both cases, when we mention savings you should understand that it means millions of dollars. And in both cases, there were sincere thanks to KloudIP and the platform developers.

Hardware manufacturers finished Telematics Colombo 2018. Concox, the Chinese manufacturer of tracking devices, and RCS, the Ukrainian developer of additional equipment, were in charge of hardware section. 

New trackers and sensors, new installation alternatives, and new types of machinery where all this is installed. If the market trends by manufacturers are something trustworthy, Wialon will soon control everything powered by electricity from electric vehicles to scooters.

In the evening, everyone could enjoy dinner in the trendy open kitchen style. The audience found the speakers there, we found all those working with Wialon in Sri Lanka, and KloudIP found out that everything was a success.

By the end of the dinner, Yasintha was telling us about the projects that they had been offered already during the conference. And again, they were non-standard ones but Wialon integrator can surely handle them. Follow our blog to be the first to learn about these projects.

Maybe you want to hold your own conference? Write to us at – we will figure something out.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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