Seeing summer off with Wialon Hosting Update

31 August, 2015
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

There is no way to improve something without introducing changes. That’s the reason why we present Wialon Hosting updates, which are about to bring new opportunities and allow for more efficient use of our product. 

Binding units to report template

Wialon has an array of implementations in various business areas, which means that our service-providers may have diverse demand for functionality. For instance some Wialon users need to build specific reports for specified system components, be it units, drivers or trailers. It often takes long to search for relevant units in the list to create report template. We found a solution and implemented report template “binding” to specific units existing in a system. Imagine, you create a report on the unit and you know for sure that the report is relevant only for a number of specified units, not for the whole fleet. Henceforth the units can be bound to report template. A mere click on “Bind” button in report template properties dialog will direct you to the window where you mark necessary units. In future while building a query by the report template the unit list will contain only those units you have already bound. new  

Resource contents restoration

We keep updating the Wialon time-machine. This time the system is to be modified by resource contents restoration function. Resource contents include POI, geofences, drivers, trailers, jobs, notifications and report templates. The contents and all the relevant settings are saved and stored on a separate server every 24-hours and may be restored further on. Resource contents restoration function is actively being finalized, but if desired you can enjoy its operation in the dev thread as early as today. Please note, currently should the contents restoration procedure take place the icons of resource elements will be missing. no_images_en 

To travel back into the past you just have to push “restore contents” button in account properties dialog and choose the necessary date in the pop-up calendar. Please note that resource contents storage period constitutes 30 days - enough time to think everything over and put the clock back.


All units on the locator map

Our Locator application proved to be popular with our customers, thus inspiring further modifications of the tool based on customer preferences and suggestions. From now on, it’s possible to choose all existing units of a particular resource at once simply by clicking on the corresponding option. Units will be updated/deleted dynamically in the course of their editing or assigning access rights to a user. By popular demand we added an option to define link availability period both in hours and minutes. The function may be useful for those who use Locator in the area of goods delivery. Once a customer gets the order he stops tracking the courier. locator Another minor modification as a special treat: you can now specify the necessary map layer for unit-mapping. This is achieved through putting “map” parameter in the URL-address.

Reports on Users Groups

Our partners aimed at business processes optimization need to track Wialon Hosting users' activity. An option to build up “Login” table as part of expanded report for resources was added to maintain statistics on logging on to the system. The table shows the allocation and frequency of user activity with data available on a particular user. Here you may see columns with user log in/log out time, session duration, service name, user’s destinations and other parameters. To compile logins of multiple users into a single table you’ll have to draw a report of “Resource” type and corresponding “Logins” table. All users belonging to the account, including subsidiary users, will form table contents. logins

Yet more usability

While working on functional efficiency we also keep in mind system usability. Updated version of Wialon Hosting provides you with design modifications in Account Properties dialog. We removed “Payment” tab: for its contents please see “General” (payments and current status sections) and “Restrictions” (dealer’s rights, limits by days and balance, history period sections) tabs. “Account” tab is no more present in the dialog either. The contents of its sub-tab “General” is displayed on “Services” tab. “Statistics” sub-tab was transformed into a separate tab of the same name. A filter on types of funds transfer –  payment or withdrawal – can now be applied to the list of your payments. restrictionsservices Besides, on our customers' request we added an option to minimize unit monitoring panel width.

And mobility

Those who use mobile version of Wialon Hosting will also notice useful modifications. We implemented command execution function. However, be sure not to miss our fully functional mobile client, regularly updated and modified by adding new functionality. 

cmd_en_1  cmd_en_2Let us remember that as early as October 1st we switch to a new authorization mechanism on the basis of oAuth. We are currently deeply engaged in shifting services to tokens. See summer off with updated Wialon Hosting and remember to leave your feedback in our forum. Have a nice day!

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on and Gurtam forum.


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