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Overseer conference: Ukrainian market in full view

1 February, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

On January 25-26, Kiyv hosted “The International GPS Conference 2019” where Gurtam spoke for the first time in the new year. 

Our partner Overseer hosts the event for Wialon integrators and hardware manufacturers for the fourth year in a row. And Gurtam is here again to highlight the best parts: smart agriculture and CAN bus data reading, unique selling points for the new devices and implementation case-stories. Read on to know more.

Why do companies from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, and Belarus head for Kyiv? 

Developers show new solutions instantly compatible with Wialon  

The conference guests built their business on Wialon and must be sure that niche solutions they implement seamlessly work with their established transport telematics. 

That’s why technological partners demonstrated their solutions in combination with Wialon like the speakers that presented Soft.Farm and Green solutions for smart agriculture. The former focused on the precision of area measurement, while the latter prioritizes ERP system integrations. 

Guests see Wialon through the eyes of its developers and marketers 

In Kyiv, Gurtam delivered two presentations to address both technical and commercial guys.  

Wialon implementation consultant Dmitry Posadski started with success stories of our partners globally and ended with Fleetrun – the new solution for maintenance management. Within two months after its release, partners connected 26,000 vehicles to Fleetrun. Considering the interest of the audience in Kyiv, we expect another period of unit growth. 

The other presentation was commercially-focused. It was the first time when we centered around marketing at a partner’s conference. Kirill Yakunin, a marketing specialist at Gurtam, spoke on:  

  • E-mail marketing becoming almost as effective as direct sales;
  • Social media being underestimated;
  • Making content generation accessible to all.

In the presentation, we combined the experience of world-class marketers and service providers from different regions. Although we had the presentation in Russian, we would like to share knowledge with those reading our blog too. Below you'll find a very useful presentation on how to charge up your marketing. Use it wisely.   

The leading hardware manufacturers on board 

Teltonika, BCE, Mechatronics, RCS never skip conferences held by Gurtam and our partners. Check out the summary of their plans for 2019:

Teltonika: moving towards IoT, making firmware updates and configuration simpler, working with all types of CAN, and offering small Bluetooth beacons. 

BCE: focusing on comprehensive solutions, implementing SDK and MQTT (say hi to flespi), offering devices able to work with two CAN lines simultaneously. 

Mechatronics: promoting intelligent sensor networks to control fuel, weight, and driller operations. 

RCS: creating additional equipment for agriculture and ready for complex projects in the area. 

Service providers share the experience   

The first day ended with drones for aerial geodesic surveys and hardware for full-cycle fuel management. Both the solutions were demonstrated on real-life projects.  


In 2019, Overseer tested the format of workshops for the whole second day. That way, partners had plenty of time to discuss BCE’s web configuration tool, the implementation of flowmeters, CAN bus interpretation and the peculiarities of working with Teltonika and BCE.     

If every conference goes like this, the year seems to be promising for Gurtam speakers.

In 2018, we helped partners organize eight conferences and plan to achieve even more in 2019. If you’re planning to host an event, contact us at for assistance.  

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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