New Version of Wialon Hosting Has Been Released

13 June, 2012

Gurtam is going to release new improvements and updates of Wialon Hosting tracking system: on 17th of June all improvements will be installed on Wialon Data Center. Since the previous updates were introduced Gurtam dev team worked on the development of the fleet tracking system. All that resulted into the improvement of already existing tools and new options emergence. Due to this updates LBS service providers and GPS tracking integrators can widen the range of customers by providing services of better quality.

Enumerating the main improvements it is necessary to underline separately the expansion of the access rights management system (ACL) that allows creating a wide variety of configuration options for each particular GPS / GLONASS tracking system user. This update is especially important for satellite tracking operators serving tens of fleets where vehicles are divided into the groups. Besides, thanks to ACL improvements it is possible to restrict the access rights for different users to the certain telematics information.

A new module "Routes" allows to monitor the vehicle moving along the route with checkpoint. Now it is possible to set a specified or random order the unit should pass through the checkpoints according to the specific schedule or without it. A completely new and unique interface for trips tracking was created (i.e. vehicles movement according to the pre-established routes) in real time mode. It is also necessary to admit that during the trip movement the dispatcher can automatically receive notification about the outrunning, delays or other events. The resulting information can be obtained from the reports "Routes" and "Route points". To sum it all up Gurtam admits that thanks to this updates companies working with public transport dispatching will be able to track, monitor the fuel consumption and the route passing integrated in one system!

WebGis was replaced with an entirely new geoinformation system Gurtam Maps. WebGis remained only in Wialon Pro - the server version of GPS tracking system. Gurtam Maps include a new color palette, the faster address search and a new system of reverse geocoding (i.e. the address specification according to the given coordinates).

A set of tools for application development appeared (SDK). It allows to use Wialon Hosting as a platform for creation of unique and highly specialized applications targeted at solving specific problems. Also, as frequently GPS tracking operators and LBS integrators don’t cope with the data flow, SDK will help them to create own client software or user interface. As the result the backend will be transferred to Wialon Hosting imperceptibly and accustomed to the old software version customers won't feel the difference.

The detailed information is given in Gurtam Weblog. Besides it is listed in the Wialon Hosting online documentation. In order to ease the new version implementation Gurtam provided its partners with set of tools allowing to check how Wialon Hosting would look like after the upgrade.


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