New solution by Gurtam: Wialon Local

16 December, 2013

One of the most significant events of the partner conference "Telematics 2013. Autumn" was the presentation of our new product ‒ Wialon Local. This server solution is designed for operators, having in disposal from several hundred to several thousand units. It can also be installed on the customers' servers.

Wialon Local combines the best of Gurtam products: SDK, applications and functionality of Wialon Hosting and Wialon Pro benefits ‒ installation on own servers, choice of components and optional update to the latest version. We'd like to point out that Wialon Local provides an opportunity of tracking up to 5,000 units.

What's beneficial of Wialon Local?

  • Support of various maps (OSM, Yandex, Google, Navteq etc.);
  • Gateway in WDC for equipment testing as well as incoming formats decipher via Protocoller and their transfer to Wialon Local in Wialon Retranslator format;
  • On-line data retranslation to other systems;
  • Convenient administration.

Creating Wialon Local, the developers put emphasis on reliability and security. Those, who, for any reasons, do not use the SaaS solution, due to Wialon Local will be able to improve their business, working with their own server.

To give Wialon Pro users an opportunity to try all the benefits of the new product, we will develop an easy mechanism for the transition from stale solution to the up-to-date one. From the sales start during 3 months we will have a campaign of changing the old server to the new one. We will take 75% of the sum you paid for the server in payment for Wialon Local. Thus, to become an owner of the most functional Gurtam solution you'll have to pay only quarter of the initial price. It is worth noting that Wialon Local also participates in partner program 2014 bonus system.

Wialon Local Migration

Wialon Local will be updated once a year. To work with the previous version or update to the latest one – your deliberate choice. For your comfort and security order process and license generation will occur via special web-form. According to plans, Wialon Local will be released at the end of the 1st quarter of 2014 and we hope the new product has all the qualities to become your effective business tool.


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