New Charts in Reports

4 July, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

We develop the system capable to address any challenge and ready to face the emerging issues in the market of modern telematics. Advanced system functionality demands equally high user-friendliness. If you ask what is superior - functionality or design - we answer with the updated charts with their visual capabilities extending system functionality. 

Charts in reports allow you to assess the effectiveness of micro- and macroelements of the system with no need to review an array of tabular data. The more information is available from the charts and the more convenient it is to handle the data, the faster you can perform and take key decisions.   

Event markers   

New visual capabilities have become available due to the adoption of a new plugin. The first thing worth mentioning is the implementation of event markers by analogy with map markers. With the option a user won’t be distracted by the map, as he can use charts and, specifically, sensor tracing function to get all the necessary information on the unit, place and time of the event.


You are the one to choose markers to be displayed on the chart. That way, you automatically get rid of irrelevant visual elements and escape information overload. 


In the course of charts advancement we also implemented a new option to display event intervals. Trips, stops, parkings, connection loss and engine hours intervals can be used as a background for a chart or its section. 

Moreover, we hold open customization opportunities, including the choice of layer sequence and desired color schemes.


Chart lines

We are currently aimed at making chart handling more intuitive with the help of personalized colors. After modifying sensor color schemes in the previous updates we adopted the advancements for the charts. The above allows for colouring chart lines according to a color scheme of a certain sensor, i.e. binding a sensor to every line. That way you customize a chart for yourself ensuring handy presentation of information and simple data handling.


At the moment the new charts are available in developers thread, where you can start using the novelty considered to be the most anticipated and useful of late. We hope that advanced charts will rightly become one of the core reporting tools and will help users to acquire more data, do it quicker and personalize the display of relevant information.                         

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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