Logistics – couldn’t be better. Logistics 2.2 can!

1 November, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

Logistics service is booming. Non-standard projects  from delivery to waste collection services; constant advancement  API, notification system, extended reports, filtration, 80+ features under development. And 4 major novelties to show you in October.

Google Maps

Conferences, forum, industry events  every time Gurtam team faced the same question, “Are we expecting Google maps in Logistics?” And we are now ready to say “Yes.” This month, Wialon users got access to GIS data by Google.Google-enApart from the additional map layer selection, settings were supplemented with the new options for address information (when creating or importing orders) and routing. Google can now be used for geocoding, route optimization, and much more. If there’s a reference to cartography (address search, routing, order distribution)  just use relevant data by Google.

HTML editor

Logistics users often utilize the service as a separate product and strive for maximum automation when communicating with clients via e-mail notifications.Generally, it’s hard to create a proper business letter with textual content only. That’s why we added a fully-featured HTML editor to Logistics 2.2 featuring new opportunities to interact with clients: 

  • Create corporate letters in compliance with the brand book   
  • Add logos and other graphics
  • Insert HTML tags with the most relevant information from Logistics
  • Preview letters before sending
  • Download and use pre-established templates or create your own

HTMLhtml-resultThat’s how end-users receive information in a user-friendly format  to print, present, and report  while Gurtam partners demonstrate attention to details and commitment to the brand book, thus raising credibility for their business. 

Multiple route handling

In Logistics 2.2 we tried to make a single process from multiple routine operations.Need to track several routes at a time? Just select them in “Planning” and “Routes” tabs and access tracks, orders, and units. Moreover, you can view consolidated statistics on the selected elements and expand all routes simultaneously. Result: quick access to information on custom route groups.Secondly, we implemented multiple route printing. We constantly hear that drivers never want to depend on smartphones when performing a route  they mostly prefer to have hard copies. Now you can quickly print routes for all team drivers both in the order of route point visiting and in reverse order for proper vehicle loading. Thus, you save time on printing each route separately.multiple-routesIn the end, we also implemented multiple route deletion for the routes created accidentally or by mistake.   

RTL languages support

Minority report is what we count with. If only 2,5 % of Gurtam partners believe an advancement will make their life easier, we’ll do everything possible to implement it. That’s what happened with RTL languages in LogisticsAnd it’s not only content that changed. Interface, controls, inputs, and sorting  everything has gone “right-to-left”. We thank our partners from Giti Gostar for continuous support with RTL optimization of Wialon Hosting and, consequently, Logistics. Together we’re making our products multilingual and, thus, truly international.RTL-supportBesides, we advanced interface usability, optimized the performance of various modules, the order distribution mechanism, and the service in whole.The new functionality has become available for Wialon users, while we already have Logistics 2.3 under development. And this is the update you can push for. Send your ideas at logistics@gurtam.com or leave your comments and suggestions on our forum. Also, here your issues are addressed by Sergey Serdechny  our eternal Wialon expert and the business analyst for Logistics.  

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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