Gurtam Turns Nine!

22 November, 2011

Tomorrow Gurtam has a grand holiday: Our company turns nine years old! Gurtam has travelled a long way. Our team has increased several times, company has become bigger, got new partners and associates.

In 2002 when all of this started Gurtam was a small family business. There were three people working in the company: Aliaksei Shchurko, Vladimir Shchurko and Denis Strakh. Gurtam general manager tells about those complicated days: «Searching for new customers progressed slowly because of high cost of the software. Each bargain was a great event».

Nowadays Gurtam has over 400 partners from 50 countries including such exotic ones as Peru, Gonduras, Taiwan, Malaysia, Columbia, Bangladesh and Chile. Gurtam sets up 10-15 contracts a month and expands using of Wialon further and further. There are over 50 000 units registered in Wialon Data Center, the average amount of messages got in a minute runs to 70 000, and those numbers grow up every day.

Праздничный Wialon

Gurtam has prepared a gift for partners. Now you can purchase Wialon Pro additional module «Backup Server» for reduced price of 900 euro (the former price is 2000 euro)! The proposal will remains in force till 2012. And one more surprise: We have changed the design of Wialon Hosting demo for several days. Enjoy!

Thank you, friends, for being with us!