Gurtam partner conference 2019 – the main event goes under the X sign

30 October, 2018
Ekaterina Terekhova

Next year, we plan something special – the global gathering of English and Russian speaking partners. Dates set, Gurtam headquarters ready, good-old Minsk waiting. 

In 2018, our guests described the conference as the telematics Xmas. Considering this and the global trend to add “X” to the most noticeable products and events, we named the anniversary partner conference TelematiX. 

Let's get to business. 

Here is your to-do-list for 2019:

✔ Come visit Minsk on July 29 - August 2 for the 10th annual Gurtam partner conference. 

✔ Anything else.  

Let us recall, 10 years ago, the first event was attended by 20 companies. 

Here is your to-do-list for 2019:

Last year, we tripled this number on a single conference. Numerous integrators and hardware manufacturers, new trainings and workshops, presentations from the leading telematics professionals, and success stories by Gurtam partners. On TelematiX, we still promise all this and more.    

In 2019, we merge two Telematics conferences in Minsk to unite Russian and English speaking partners. The idea is to accumulate the experience from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe in one place and bring it to practice. 

Last year, two Telematics conferences in Minsk gathered 400 professionals from 64 countries. In 2019, we expect the industry event of the unprecedented scale. Just imagine all these guys together in one place. We'll surely need a larger drone. 

Here is your to-do-list for 2019: Here is your to-do-list for 2019:

Details on the agenda and registration are coming soon – follow us on blog and social networks to join the TelematiX-Men among the first.  

P.S. The last Gurtam partner conference of 2018 was held on October 13 in Dubai and hosted 90 guests from the Middle Eastern region! Read the report from the scene on our blog to whet your appetite before the major event of 2019. 

Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina is the Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who creates content for the Spanish-speaking members of the Wialon community. She is never tired of helping partners with all the possible issues they might have.


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