Distance Tag. Join the webinar on the new solution [Gurtam meetups]

22 April, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

We do believe that your business can cope with the crisis and are ready to provide you with new tools and opportunities. Meet the new anticrisis solution by Gurtam – Distance Tag

In terms of our meetups, on April 24, we will host the webinar dedicated to the new application. 

The issues to be discussed:

  • the functionality and scope of the application of Distance Tag;
  • how to set up and configure Distance Tag via our newly developed mobile app – Distance Tag Admin;
  • how to set up and configure Distance Tag via Wialon;
  • how Distance Tag can be used to monitor people infected by the virus;
  • how Distance Tag can be used for other use cases such as monitoring of workers, people under home arrest, parental control, or elderly people monitoring;
  • WiaTagKit library as a base for Distance Tag-like applications.

Webinar hosts: 

Oleg Poroshin

Oleg Poroshin, Head of Mobile Department, Gurtam

Aleksandra Dikan

Aleksandra Dikan, Business Analyst, Gurtam

Webinar date and time: April 24, 5 p.m. (GMT +3)

Language: English

Find out the differences between Distance Tag and well-known WiaTag and explore the solution functionality on our blog. Feel free to sign up to be updated on the new meetups and follow the dedicated meetup page.

Please, note that you can watch the webinar recorded.

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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