/ Gurtam is a vendor for Shell now

Gurtam is a vendor for Shell now

7 February, 2018

Gurtam has become an official vendor for one of the biggest energy companies in the world. Due to this partnership, Wialon now is among three GPS monitoring systems recommended by Shell.

Shell corporation joins together energy and oil&gas companies in over 70 countries of the world. Shell operates through the network of contractors. They are fleet, vessels and stationary objects owners providing Shell with their assets. These assets make up to 80% of all the company’s transport facilities. The contractors are free to choose vendors, the providers of GPS monitoring systems.

Until recently, one of 20 telematics systems was used in different regions. Any integrator could become the vendor and, consequently, partner with Shell, but the situation has changed. Now the software solution must comply with Shell requirements for IVMS (In-Vehicle Management System) to be able to integrate with SAP HANA global database. There are three such systems in the world, and Wialon is one of them. Gurtam software solution has become the provider of data on trips, events, and eco-driving of light vehicles.

The structured data from different GPS monitoring systems is stored in HANA. Analytical information is used to optimize logistics and improve the driver control. As a result, Shell provides road safety: the routes are built in the way to avoid the most dangerous sections taking into account the driver behaviour data. Trips data help to identify the frequency of vehicle usage and the necessary number of carrier vehicles in the region. The employees keep to work and rest schedule according to the region legislation and perform the routes taking into consideration their seasonal character and other parameters. For example, thanks to Wialon data the drivers are promptly informed of natural hazards. It helps to prevent accidents, and this is extremely important when transporting petrochemicals.

– After the integration with SAP HANA global database, Gurtam partners gained access to all Shell contractors. And it means the possibility to maximize the positions in the marketplaces of 70+ countries. Since there are only three systems (including Wialon) complying with Shell requirements to IVMS, some contractors think of replacing their GPS monitoring system and, consequently, the integrator. They would do anything not to lose the contract with Shell. While other software developers are handling the integration with HANA, Gurtam partners can start offering Wialon, – says Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division.

Shell is an integrated oil and gas company with the primary objective to meet the growing demand for energy resources. The corporation operates in the following directions: geological exploration and hydrocarbon extraction, integrated development of natural gas resources, oil processing and end product sale. Altogether around 93,000 specialists are working at Shell in more than 70 countries.

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