Gurtam announced the new product – Wialon Kit

13 August, 2012

August 8th – August 10th Gurtam hosted a first practical conference for the partners in Perm. Standard company assisted Gurtam in organizing and hosting the event.

Gurtam team arrived early for the conference because of the busy schedule. August 7th Gurtam CMO Aliaksandr Kuushynau and Standard SEO Roman Billie presented their ideas on the development of sphere of GPS and GLONASS tracking on live radio station «Echo of Moscow. Perm». Later on our colleagues visited the Standard office and in the evening Roman Billie, Gurtam head of development Denis Strakh and managing director of Monitoring Net Milan Šuletić were invited to a Perm Higher School of Economics business-incubator to share the information about tracking business.

The conference turned out to be an exciting event, full of presentations and news. Aliaksandr Kuushynau told that Wialon holds around 30% of the Russian market of GPS and GLONASS tracking and Valentina Babkina pointed out the importance of partnership in Gurtam's success. But the greatest announcement was made by Denis Strakh who introduced Gurtam's new product – Wialon Kit.

Wialon Kit would give GPS and GLONASS LBS providers and solution integrators an opportunity to create their own software solutions to meet different needs of the customers. Gurtam team never stops creating new solutions and the idea of a platform that can be complemented by the applications and integrated into other systems was realized in Wialon Kit. Since the needs of different customers are extremely diverse, it was impossible for Wialon Hosting to meet and satisfy every single one of them.

The Head of Gurtam Marketing and Sales Department  Aliaksandr Kuushynau presents a report on the conference «Telematics-2012» With new Wialon Kit this problem is solved. The program provides an option of creating and adding unique interfaces and applications. It also allows customers to work directly with the Wialon database in full cooperation. Wialon Kit would be especially helpful for the companies that didn’t want to use the Wialon Hosting or Wialon Pro interface.

Wialon Kit will retain all the advantages of the Wialon Hosting platform and will provide the access to telematic data that comes into the Wialon server center; this would help to avoid spending on purchasing and installing additional software and administrating the server center. The price of Wialon Kit using is only 1 eurocent for tracking object a day. The selling of a new product starts on September 1st.

The variety of options and possibilitis that Wialon Kit creates would definitely contribute to finding new market niches and attracting new customers who previously didn't want to use Wialon Hosting or Wialon Pro.


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