Gurtam and PodsystemM2M Opening New Horizons

22 September, 2015
Anna Glonassova

Gurtam joins the promising project to facilitate the entry of M2M and IoT solutions into the market. Immense customer experience allows Gurtam team to lead the way by supporting the partnership program aimed at providing tried and tested components for the developers of end-to-end solutions. Constantly building its own, Gurtam also granted support to PodsystemM2M community, where every person interested is given opportunity to choose the best combination of products and take advantage of the advice from experienced professionals in the area of M2M and IoT. The program covers fleet management and logistics sector, where Wialon product is used in full force and effect, allowing Gurtam to share advanced experience. 

There’s more behind the Community

From now on, M2M and IoT developers can search for recommended devices and software on PodsystemM2M website and take advice from professionals. Wider range of services rendered places partnership program participants above mere hardware, software or connectivity providers, making them global advisers intended to put end-to-end solutions together. Gurtam team definitely benefits from partnering with Podsystem. Being a reliable partner in position to recommend, we also adopt best practices of Podsystem, regarding staff dedication and technical capabilities, which allows us to meet the requirements of our Western customers. We honor each client and Podsystem helps us do everything possible to exceed expectations of our partners and customers. According to Charles Towers-Clark, Managing Director of Podsystem Group, the company has always been more than just a connectivity services provider and with the support of Gurtam and other world leaders in GPS tracking and fleet management Podsystem can offer end-to-end solutions, meeting the requirement of customers worldwide. We believe the partnership program involving Gurtam and PodsystemM2M to be only the first step in strengthening our common bonds.

Flex-GPS brings Wialon to the South

It’s no secret that Gurtam may be proud of effective partnership system in South and Central America. Also Gurtam is now one of the distinctive software providers in the region, further expansion demands projects distinguishing us from competitors. Close cooperation of our partners made it possible for Wialon to increase its presence in the region as Flex-GPS expanded its operations in South America. Wialon-based tracking technology by Flex-GPS in combination with reliable coverage and multi-network connectivity options by PodsystemM2M represents a new generation solution to increase fleet safety and productivity and minimize risks. A single data provider with multiple network coverage allowed Flex-GPS to acquire seamless connectivity which contributes to the volume and quality of data, acquired by Wialon to perform with better precision. We are excited to open new markets with Flex-GPS and PodsystemM2M, working closer with customers to advance their businesses. Stay one step ahead with Wialon Community.

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.