GPS-Trace: Every step matters

2 July, 2014

Well, what can GPS-Trace offer for now?

Gurtam means what it says! Let me introduce a new GPS-Trace that has just got rested and freshened up and now is full of strength and energy. Many of you know and even have already tried our free B2C service, which has already proved itself as a simple and high-quality GPS tracking system. After a rather long-term and hard work the service became much better, and you can appreciate it right now.

Well, what can GPS-Trace offer for now?

First of all, you can use modern GPS tracking technologies not only in your professional, but also in private life. And the service in its turn, will become a reliable safety guard for you and your family. Tracking loved ones is normally the primary objective, and that typically means with their permission — personal trackers are opt-in. They’re not made to surreptitiously monitor your girlfriend’s path home from work; they’re made to keep people safe, and the usual trackees are children, the elderly, and lone workers — those who can’t necessarily get themselves out of a sticky situation. The system presupposes features that send out an alert signal if there is a crisis. If an elderly person injures themselves and they’re alone, an alert could certainly be the difference between life and death. Children who are lost, or people going on solo adventures in the great outdoors often find use for the distress signals, as well. News stories of people being found via a personal GPS tracking device in an emergency situation are becoming weekly stories.

Who knows the service better than Aliaksandr Padlipski, Chief GPS-Trace Officer: «The system was initially designed as a simple and easy-to-use service for family and vehicle tracking. Experience has proven that the increasingly rapid pace of life makes us become more and more mobile. All too often we have no time to call our nearest and dearest, but we almost always have internet access everywhere and anytime. In this case the GPS tracking system can help you, and just in several clicks you can get all the necessary info about your car, as well as stay calm and stop worrying about your beloved. That’s why I want to share the most pleasant news with all current GPS-Trace users, and those who are only planning to join us. Besides the web-version, right now we’re working on a mobile app for the most popular platforms — iOS and Android».

Key advantages and novelties

From now on you can track up to 5 units under one account, and a new interface will make it easy to switch between them and compare all the necessary parameters. Online-notifications won’t let you miss any important event. All the tracked units are totally safe.

  • Goes perfectly with all kinds of devices. Smartphones, personal trackers, automatic vehicle controllers — choose the one that fits you best. If you just want to stay tuned, never miss any important moment, and be sure that your people are safe, you don’t need to spend much time choosing a special device. An ordinary smartphone will be totally enough.
  • Use one account to connect up to 5 units tracked. It will be definitely very convenient, if we speak about modern average-sized family. In case you use GPS-Trace for working purposes and want to track more units, there’s no problem — the number of accounts is not limited, create more.
  • Unified login and password. Having registered in the system once, you get a unique login and password, which provides you with the access to the tracking system itself, as well as to the GPS-Trace forum.
  • Create your own world. Mark your favorite places and geofences on the map.
  • Stop worrying. In case of emergency or «danger» (if somebody tries to steal your car, presses the alarm button, you can’t contact your child, or your pet got lost) — you’ll get the appropriate notification immediately.
  • Share with friends. Another cute feature of a new GPS-Trace. Those, who actively use social networks and Facebook, in particular, will be extremely glad to get it. Sharing of online-data in social networks is a great opportunity never to miss anything and let your friends know, where you are at this very moment.

By the way, today GPS-Trace community includes more than 50 000 members from more than 60 countries, who use all the capabilities of this qualitative, and, what is also important, free service. And I bet today this number will greatly increase. Join us as well.

Don't forget that in addition to main functional capabilities, you can always rely on free professional support of Gurtam specialists. And if you want to learn something useful, get inspired by creative ideas or to share your own thoughts — welcome to GPS-Trace forum.

P.S. Please, note that GPS-Trace is beta-tested now. So, don't be too judgemental, leave your comments and feedback at forum. We'll appreciate your help!