/ Fuel cards and Wialon: it’s time to start saving

Fuel cards and Wialon: it’s time to start saving

6 August, 2015
Anna Glonassova

Discover the smart way to control corporate fuel with an integrated solution, which has come in handy for small and medium interprises, and learn how to do that without having to log out of Wialon! Working with companies, most fuel stations use clearing-and-settlement system. It means that customers pay for gas by fuel cards, which so far have proved beneficial for companies using fleet management tools. It is also an effective tool to control fuel consumption and create accurate reports. Besides, fuel stations often give discounts to customers, so there's another great way to cut expenses. Wialon Oil, our partner, distributes fuel cards and integrates different types of Wialon-based fuel card processing software. 

How do Wialon Oil cards work?

Wialon Oil company has developed a billing fuel card system connected to Wialon through SDK module. The software solution is designed as a separate web-based application which is available through Apps. Data on fuel cards transactions is automatically sent to Wialon Oil (with no files attached). You only need to choose the type of fuel card, authorize for Wialon and assign cards to units or drivers. Then the system automatically compares transactions to monitoring systems data (positioning, added fuel and card assignment) and sends transactions to Wialon (the data can be found in reports on fuel fillings and maintenance costs).

Wialon Oil Cards and Wialon Oil Service

Wialon Oil Service is a complex solution designed to integrate various fuel cards into Wialon Hosting tracking system. The product is targeted at companies which already use fuel cards and want to automatically control and keep record of fuel consumption. With the help of Wialon Oil Service you can compare transactions, send data to Wialon server, register new events, create reports and work in online/offline mode. You can also integrate different fuel cards into one User account. If some card processing systems are unavailable at the moment, integration is done at request. Wialon Oil cards are also suitable for companies that use Wialon but don’t have fuel cards yet. The program allows clients to manage different types of fuel cards from one User account, get a 3% take-off and better coverage. Fuel Report

Wialon Oil advantages

  • Effective fleet tracking. The system checks every transaction for inadequacies (unit-card integration, unit and fuel station positioning, the volume of added gasoline according to fuel level sensors). If Wialon Oil detects inadequacies, it will automatically inform managers on possible manipulations;
  • Time management. Wialon Oil users can save time on reports and transaction data comparison. The system automatically creates summary report where all the necessary data and inadequacies are mentioned;
  • One entrance spot. You can open Wialon Oil as an application through Wialon and get latest data on tracking and fuel fillings. You can also manage several cards within one User account.

How can executives benefit from the Wialon Oil solution? First, Wialon Oil helps you detect inappropriate driver behavior and cut expenses. Second, the solution is designed to optimize accountant managers’ work. Finally, you can reduce time needed for data processing and analysis since all the information is available in summary reports. Summary report When it comes to fleet management, fuel is easily one of the main expenditure items. Gurtam is really pleased that our partner has developed an effective tool to optimize such expenses. Stay on your game and start saving fuel!

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