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Eco Driving and Driver Behavior Analytics

11 March, 2015
Anna Glonassova

Having taken into account the results of usage of our iDriveSafe application during the past year and a half, as well as recommendations for its improvement, we are pleased to present brand new capabilities to help analyze driver behavior in Wialon. Our Partners will now be able to perform more precise assessment of how drivers operate company vehicles. Wialon is now ready to provide actionable intelligence to help improve fleet safety, save on fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety.

How it works

Our original iDriveSafe application used only GPS positional data and didn’t have configuration tools to build a comprehensive and flexible driving quality assessment model, neither did it have the capabilities to leverage data from hardware accelerometers. That is what’s possible now with new Eco Driving functionality.

The assessment model depends on the violation criteria and coefficients that can be set for each vehicle individually. It uses penalty points, which, along with other criteria, can be set up in the Eco Driving tab of the unit properties. Each violation adds penalty points, which fleet managers should try to minimize. Penalty points are calculated for each Trip, and can then be summed up or averaged out according to time or distance travelled.

There are 5 criteria types that can be used as basis for violations:

  • Acceleration (positive acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*)
  • Braking (negative acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*)
  • Cornering / Turn (angular acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*).
  • Speeding (speed limits can be user-defined or road-specific – availability varies based on region)
  • Custom (any unit sensor can be used to further customize an assessment model, for example, engine RPM, seat belt status, etc.)

* The number of tracking devices with hardware accelerometers supported for Eco Driving in Wialon will be constantly increasing. To find out what devices are supported today, use filter “Eco Driving” in the AVL Hardware section of our website.

Additionally, for each criterion type several penalty intervals can be set up to account for the severity of a violation. Here is an example of how one may consider setting up penalties for speeding violations:

<10 km/h or mph1
10+ km/h or mph5
20+ km/h or mph20
30+ km/h or mph50
50+ km/h or mph150

Here is the new Eco Driving tab that can now be found in unit properties:


Additional information on Eco Driving unit properties can be found here.

After the setup has been completed, the assessment model can be used to evaluate driver behavior by running a report template based on new Eco Driving table or utilizing the new Eco Driving app.

Eco Driving table makes the following fields available:

  • Violation — type of violation (one per penalty interval)
  • Beginning — time of violation beginning
  • End — time of violation end
  • Value — parameter value that triggered violation
  • Speed — vehicle speed during violation
  • Penalty — penalty value
  • Count — number of violations of such type

The information in the report can be grouped by time period and violation type. More information on the Eco Driving report table can be found here.

The new Eco Driving app provides a detailed presentation of driving quality of each vehicle in your fleet in a beautiful visual format. Bars in the upper section of the app interface represent individual Trips taken during the time period selected by user. The height of bars are representative of driving quality. Clicking any of those bars refreshes the bottom section of the interface with the details on violations and produces the track on the map, which reflects specific points where those violations took place.


Please try our new Eco Driving capabilities and share with us your thoughts on our forum.

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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