Distance Tag: new Wialon-based solution

23 April, 2020
Ksenia Dobreva

During our online meetups, the experts said multiple times that the coronavirus situation demands the evolvement of certain directions of GPS monitoring, especially personal monitoring.

Thanks to our partners’ feedback, we gathered all the significant issues that go hand in hand with quarantine projects on personal monitoring:

  • a large number of people that are to be tracked;
  • monitoring apps are too complicated and time-consuming when it comes to their settings;
  • the majority of monitoring apps are easy to trick;
  • quarantine measures need strict control;
  • during the epidemic and emergencies with lots of units being tracked the most cost-effective solution is needed.

In order to allow Wialon partners to offer workable personal monitoring solutions during the coronacrisis, we have come up with the new solution that solves all these issues.

Read the article to learn what Distance Tag can do and what businesses would be interested in it.

Distance Tag is a fast, cost-effective, and reliable Wialon-based solution for self-quarantine tracking. Stay informed on whether your employees or other people observe the quarantine measures and remain within the specified territory if there are any movement restrictions. 

A simple Bluetooth bracelet and this free app connected to the Wialon account give any organization, enterprise, or company the opportunity to get information on whether people that are being tracked remain within the specified zone (home, office, hospital, etc.)

  • Languages: Russian, English 
  • Conditions for obtaining: free
  • Compatibility: Wialon Hosting
  • Platforms: Android, iOS (coming soon)

Distance Tag and WiaTag differences

Distance Tag and WiaTag differences

Why a new app? Gurtam already has WiaTag, the app for field workers monitoring. 

There are a few reasons why we created a new app: 

  • In the situation with pandemic and other serious restrictions, we need to control how well the rules are observed. An irresponsible individual can just leave the phone with WiaTag at home, and no one will know that he broke the quarantine rules.

Distance Tag solves this problem: the person’s location is tracked via the Bluetooth tracker on the wrist that can’t be taken off. If the wrongdoer decides to leave the specified zone without the smartphone, the dispatcher will know about it right away. 

  • WiaTag is a more complex solution that demands certain skills to be used.

The Distance Tag solution is extremely simple which means that any person can use the app for the monitored people.

  • WiaTag was created for other tasks and already has many features that are not really necessary for quarantine control. To keep the interface as simple as possible, Distance Tag contains the most basic features only.

Distance Tag scope of application

The solution’s functionality can be applied in numerous domains through its simplicity. Nevertheless, here are the industries where we recommend using it right now:

Healthcare and COVID-2019

  • quarantine monitoring: tracking of people that are to be self-quarantined;
  • monitoring of patients and doctors in the medical facilities.


  • monitoring of individuals in the war zones or territories with the imposed curfew;
  • civilian patrol.

Non-profit organizations

  • charity;
  • volunteering;
  • care for the socially vulnerable groups of people (the elderly people, people with special needs).

Employees corporate monitoring

As all the quarantine measures and technologies related to them are relevant at the moment, you will most likely direct your attention to such projects. However, Distance Tag will allow quickly and easily set up the employees’ monitoring for the companies of all sizes in more peaceful times as well (at home while working remotely or within the territory of the office, factory, or plant).

Distance Tag functionality

The solution includes the following elements:

Bluetooth beacon + Distance Tag + Distance Tag Admin + Wialon.

Distance Tag is installed on the smartphone of the person being tracked. Its major goal is to control the location of the beacon on the person’s wrist and send this data to the dispatcher. It happens without the tracked individual being involved.

Distance Tag and WiaTag differences

The application for the people being tracked is extremely simple which means anyone can use it 

On top of that, the app has a number of basic functions, for example, for contacting the dispatcher and getting information from them:

  • Access via QR codes, no login and password required
  • Getting messages from the dispatcher
  • Calling the dispatcher 
  • Sending geolocation data to the dispatcher
  • Sending a photo with geolocation to the dispatcher

Distance Tag Admin functionality

Distance Tag Admin is the app for the dispatcher. It allows the fast creation of monitoring units and pairing bracelets with them.

Distance Tag and WiaTag differences

The app for dispatchers allows the creation of new units and configuring them anytime, anywhere. To do so, you won’t need the computer with access to Wialon

The dispatcher’s app functions:

  • Fast creation of monitored units
  • Pairing Bluetooth beacons and units
  • QR codes generation for granting access 
  • Remote configuration of the app for people being tracked (for example, switching off the monitoring function or changing the frequency of data sending)


To make use of the solution, you have to get the Bluetooth bracelets with the following requirements:

  • BLE-beacon-like devices with iBeacon or Eddystone protocols support;
  • the option of taking off the bracelet only through the breakage of the seal or the bracelet destruction.

What businesses will get with Distance Tag

The new app by Gurtam is the solution that can be implemented literally in a day. It will deliver the quarantine measures control fast and at a low cost. By offering this app to your clients, you give them:

  • the option to implement location tracking of hundreds and even thousands of people in a short period of time;
  • the simple app for the individuals being tracked that any user can handle;
  • the solution with budget-friendly hardware and maintenance;
  • the option to create and configure the monitoring units on the spot with the help of a mobile app by just one person (no need to use the computer with access to Wialon).

Download and try Distance Tag now:

Distance Tag and WiaTag differences

Distance Tag webinar

On April 24, within Gurtam meetups, Oleg Poroshin, Head of Mobile Department, and Aleksandra Dikan, Business Analyst, held the webinar on the new application and how to use it in your business. If you want to learn more about the solution, learn from the Gurtam specialists who created the app.

Ksenia Dobreva
Ksenia Dobreva
Ksenia is a Content Strategist at Gurtam with 8 years of content-related experience in tech companies. She’s working to deliver value through content to the Wialon community members and users of the Gurtam products.


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