Fleet digitalization: Gurtam takes part in the ULC conference in Kiyv

2 November, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

Get to know the market through its players.

Current and potential customers, fleet, warehouse, retail chain owners, niche solutions developers, and hardware manufacturers. Bring them together, give the opportunity to speak, and you will see the integrator's market from all possible angles. 

That was the idea of UMT, our partner from Ukraine. They got inspired by Gurtam international community on Telematics 2016 and decided to organize something of the kind in their region. It all started with Ukrainian Logistics Community (ULC), the series of meetings where like minds were privately discussing the issues of transportation and logistics in Ukraine. In half a year, there were way more speakers than at the beginning, and the conference hall couldn’t house the audience.

In October 2018, Gurtam team headed to Fleet Digitalization conference organized by ULC. Ford, Trans.eu, ABM Cloud, and the owners of the largest fleets in Ukraine were among the conference speakers alongside with Gurtam. The event was the part of Trans Ukraine 2018 exhibition and gathered more than 150 people interested in business optimization by means of the latest technologies.   

The short summary of the most interesting presentations

Coreteka and Philip Morris International opened the conference. The latter had just finished the fleet management system implementation and decided to share the experience. Coreteka assisted them as the solution provider.

It is a real insight for a system integrator. How to approach such a major client, find the right person that would lobby your interests inside the company (they called this person “Ninja”), to build the implementation process? The representatives of the international tobacco company answered these and many other questions.

The next case-study was by “Mironovskiy khleboproduct” – one of the largest agro-industrial companies in Ukraine. Two years ago, UMT offered them a complex solution, the result of Wialon Hosting and AMB Rinkai TMS integration. They summed up the project at the conference: extra mileage reduced by 10%, the cases of being late for the clients were almost eliminated as well as idle time during unloading. 

Freight exchanges and the solutions for freight vehicles search save companies from empty carriages and thus getting more and more popular. Trans.eu presented its platform at the conference (Wialon-connected vehicles can already send data to this system by the way) alongside with Sovtes. They help cargo and freight to find each other online without long phone calls. Reliable? Sure!

After lunch, UMT joined GTA Logistics, the official carrier for McDonald’s and Coca-cola, to share their experience of Wialon implementation. The case study will be later on our blog, and now – just the results. Due to the logistics optimization, empty mileage was reduced by 10% as per one vehicle for two years. GTA Logistics estimated it at $1.8 mln.

Denis Grebennikov, CIS Business Development Director at Gurtam, presented Wialon, not as a fleet management and vehicle monitoring system but the high-value asset that the company gets upon its implementation. Denis told how to spend less on fuel, tires, spare parts, and why eco-driving is economical. The proves? Success stories of the companies already using Wialon.

KVINTO-PLUS, the distributor of MobilEye ADAS solution integrated with Wialon, picked up the talk. A short time ago, we wrote about how this solution helps to prevent accidents in Saint Petersburg, and it is highly likely that soon there will be similar projects in Ukraine as well. The presenters didn’t show promo videos or the solution descriptions. They showed how it works in real life situations instead:

Ford decided to focus on popular trends. Electric vehicles, driverless transport, eco driving – the Ford representatives are quite sure that the future is already out there.

This is how it was at the first ULC conference. UMT has done a good job for the last two years turning into the organizer of their own, undoubtedly successful, conference. We tried to be as concise as possible in this article but if you are interested in a particular presentation, feel free to write at marketing@gurtam.com and we will get you in touch with the speaker

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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