CeBIT 2016: Summing up the results

1 April, 2016
Anna Glonassova

Joined by numerous startups to showcase the latest advances in the Internet of Things, Cloud computing, IT security, mobile applications and social business, once again Gurtam has become a part of Cebit 2016, the international technology fair. 

This spring, however, the impressions are different and trends are getting clear. The never changing trend is the presence of a huge number of Gurtam partners from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS.  It goes without saying that Gurtam booth at Cebit 2016 has again become the all-gathering platform for business communication and networking of hardware manufacturers, partners and developers. 

The numerous competitive opportunities offered last year are now shaping into partnerships, forcing the leaders of industry to play and define the rules of the game together. This spring the ties between Gurtam and numerous European technology players such as BCE, Teltonika and Ruptela continued to strengthen. Other leaders, including ATrack, Meitrack and Queclink, also step forward for continuous support of our partners in their projects, boosting their dynamics on our website incrementally. 

Being a part of Cebit helps us to feel the general market trends and find original, fresh solutions to the persisting problems. 

A noteworthy debut at this year’s CeBIT consisted of various novelties in the system functionality and usability, among which were Wialon Logistics solution, the new Backup Viewer application, a new device management mechanism together with a list of novetlies like software trackers, and much more. _IGP0813 

Despite the boost of technology offerings this year, one thing has become really obvious -  providing technology is one thing, while showing its benefits is another. This approach has become the key to this expo, since Alexander Smirnov joined the team as the expert of Gurtam training and certification department. 

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Alexander was eager to provide trainings and consultations to current and new partners at Cebit, and also go deeper into various project-oriented issues. "Wialon Trainer myself, I was glad to use the opportunity and hold 10 training sessions with our good partners. Together, we managed to answer a lot of project related questions at CeBIT booth. An outstanding feature of the exhibition was the quality of the visitors who have never worked with Wialon but knew about the platform. They knew what they wanted, they knew why they came to the booth. Such visitors would approach us with very practical questions - supported maps, speed limits, availability of Eco Driving, fuel module, module for logistics and delivery. I hope most of them will take decision to work with Wialon.


An important contribution was made by Wolfgang Busch and Erick Hillgriber, Hilltronic GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. Both were eager to approach the new customers from a more practical angle and delve into various aspects of building an FMS business. This combined approach has proved to be successful and none of the visitors left the booth with questions unanswered.

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"This year again we enjoyed our visit at Gurtam Cebit booth in Hall 13, as it showed us again we bet on the right partner" says Wolfgang Busch, CTO Hilltronic GmbH. He adds: "Gurtam has not only been represented by their best sales team but also secured the presence of heads of technical departments ready to discuss new ideas or show you the new functions of Wialon system. It was the perfect place to give and get feedback on your daily operations."

 Moreover, Aliaksandr Kuushunau was eager to talk about new sales boundaries, opened up with the new office in Dubai, and the challenging market we are now to approach. For other news and further visions the guests were invited to the Gurtam Partner Event to be held in June. Фото в круге-08

Olga Filonchuk, the sales executive for the region, noted “I’m quite happy with the comprehensive approach our team has taken this year to communicate with partners and technology leaders. Every day was strictly scheduled with meetings and talks to discuss various commercial and technical aspects of building business with us. On top of that, the elaborated trainings were provided. We hope the approach will become the foundation for partners’ growth and new projects implementation. The new system functionality is only effective when properly explained with benefits and challenges distinctly presented. It seems that our partners finally got clear vision of how to move forward faster, more efficiently and achieving better results for their businesses.” 

As a result of strategic cooperation after this year’s show, our guests from Ruptela team, Vadim Daniliavichius and George Kresnitsky, paid a visit to Minsk office with a presentation of the company solutions and further prospects for mutual partnerships in different regions. 


All in all, we’re happy to see the market shaping around fleet management so distinctly, thus defining its leaders and trendsetters. CeBIT is an amazing business forum for technology leaders and Gurtam was delighted to be part of it.

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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