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AVL Manager: business management for Gurtam partners

25 January, 2019
Ekaterina Terekhova

Arturo Woodward from WTracking, Mexico, has been dealing with GPS monitoring for 15 years. That’s why he understands the importance of using a complex tool for business management.

Read the article and find out about the AVL Manager system which is the application for GPS monitoring service providers. It combines data on clients, bills, and equipment that previously was stored in different places. Now all of it is in one place – Arturo’s solution.


Experience has proven that service providers in Latin America do not have a single CRM to manage bills, clients, and equipment. Every specialist uses their individual file or program to log necessary information. Ultimately, tens and hundreds of files are saved up. How to prevent confusion and get in synch with the processes of the entire company?

For some time, Arturo Woodward, the company CEO, was trying to come up with a good fit but with no success. Then, he decided that creating their own system is the best option. Thus, AVL Manager appeared.

AVL Manager functionality

The system consists of 5 modules: “Dashboard”, “Sales”, “Operations”, “Administration”, and “General”. Each module is divided into tabs. You can understand what these tabs contain judging from their titles.

Note! Want to add or change some modules or tabs? No problem with that! You are the one who selects all the elements of the interface. WTracking developers will help you to do this.


The first thing that the user sees after login to the app is the Dashboard. Here, all the analytics is presented in the form of charts and info units. The Dashboard shows major processes going on in the company, the total number of equipment (how many items are in stock, how many of them are installed and running), and the total sum of revenues and expenses. These key indicators show how your business is growing and what you should focus on. If other data is also important for you (the number of planned or overdue installations, available installers, or potential clients), WTracking can tailor the Dashboard tab to your company needs.

Each module of the application possesses the set of functions necessary for the successful work of a particular specialist be it an installer or a manager.

Let’s take the company and see how it makes use of AVL Manager.

Sales managers normally work in the "Sales" module (which is not surprising of course). One of them got a request from the taxi fleet owner to install FLSs to 50 Nissans. Firstly, the manager creates the profile of the potential client in a special tab where they log the contact data, the communication channel where the client got to know about the company (to analyze the lead sources later), and the client status (active or rejected).

To create the price offer, the sales manager selects a corresponding tab where they choose the taxi fleet owner profile, select the type and number of equipment, and the name of the service. In an additional field, the manager comments that the client has Nissan cars. The file is ready. It can be downloaded or sent to the client’s email directly from the app.

If the client is ok with the offer, it gets the “Order” status, and now you can see it in the “Orders” tab. There you can control the payment process, discounts, and other details of the deal. After the order was approved, the system creates the contract with the client’s number.

All orders, appointed meetings, and payments can be found at the “Calendar” tab. The data is displayed by days, weeks, months, or the single list.

Then, the installer starts their work – in the “Operations” module. The installer views all the installations assigned to them. They can filter these installations by days, weeks, months, or view the whole list. 

Today is January 25. So, judging from the order, it’ll take a bit of work.

The installer checks if they have enough necessary sensors for Nissan cars and heads for the client. After the work is done, the specialist fills in the cars and tanks characteristics directly on their smartphone, attaches the photos taken at the installation site. The happy client puts his signature on the phone as well to inform that they are satisfied with the quality of the work done. The installer can also create a pdf file, so the client could have a printed version of this. All these operations are performed in the “Installations” tab.

This module also stores all the data on the equipment (what is left in stock, what devices are out of order, what devices clients have in warranty) and SIM cards. Error reports are also here. AVL Manager reconciles its data with Wialon daily to provide the full compliance of data in both systems.

“Administration” and “General” modules are responsible for managing all the processes in the taxi fleet. The director and manager are working with them.

Here, they add and edit the data on clients, equipment, banks, etc. They also assign installers to their working shifts and distribute access rights. 

So, basically, it is the system that unites dozens of workers, hundreds of clients and types of equipment.


The main idea of the solution is that all its tabs and their content can be tailored to the client’s needs and adapted to the particular company or region.

AVL Manager system integrated commercial, operational, and administrational processes of the companies working in the GPS monitoring sphere.


  • Integration of all company processes from sales to equipment management in one solution;

  • automated billing;

  • distribution of access rights among the company employees;

  • flexible system setup allowing to adapt it to the client’s needs;

  • Total control over clients, services, and equipment.

Taking into consideration the system flexibility, in this article we explored only some major tasks that are common for all GPS monitoring service providers. Otherwise, we would have to write a series of articles to describe each module. We leave this job to WTracking though. 

“Do not worry that at the moment the system is in Spanish only,” laughs Arturo. “Our developers are ready to translate it even into Russian if required!”

Got interested in the solution? Write to and we will get you in touch with its developer. 

Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina Terekhova
Ekaterina is the Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who creates content for the Spanish-speaking members of the Wialon community. She is never tired of helping partners with all the possible issues they might have.


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