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Wialon Сommunity

Gurtam Partners offer GPS tracking services on all the continents, except for Antarctica. Every day many new companies join Wialon community due to our combined efforts.

2014/07/03 (Denmark,Evaholmvej 13) joined Wialon community.

2014/07/11 Tecnostrike SPA (Bellavista 0888, Santiago, Chile) joined Wialon community.

Wialon Data Center

Wialon Data Center is one of the biggest telematic platforms in the world where more than ... GPS tracking units are being serviced.

The GPS tracking units which were connected to the Wialon Data Center within the last hour are highlighted in red on the map.

GPS Tracking Devices

Wialon solutions for GPS tracking and fleet management support 660 different models of GPS tracking devices.

Navtelecom Signal S-2550

2014-07-22 Vehicle tracker Navtelecom Signal S-2550 produced by Navtelecom was integrated into Wialon GPS tracking and fleet management system.

Moreover, Wialon supports various sensors used both for vehicle tracking and fixed installations monitoring and security.     >>>

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